Written by Fuck fame

6 Apr 2013

sometimes i get so bored & my mind wanders to pleasures of the flesh. One afternoon home alone I came across an adult contact site that lets you see others camming & you can cam too if you want. Making sure my cam was positioned to avoid my face & thus protect my identity i switched my cam on. Quickly i noticed i was getting an audiance. Nervous but excited at the same time i started to feel my breasts& tug on my nipples through my shirt. A thrill shot down my body to my clit. I couldn't believe i was doing this, letting strangers watch me pleasure myself. I got braver & removed my top to reveal my purple lacy bra. Men & women started to make comment & urge me to do more. I flipped my heavy tits out over the top of my bra & felt a slight ooze of cunt juice. Slipping my skirt off I moved the cam a bit lower & pulled the crotch of my panties to one side. I was getting so turned on at the sight of myself masturbating. One then two & three fingers pushed into my own pussy i began finger fucking hard.I was so wet, wetter than i usually got with my man. I wanted more, i wanted to give my audiance a really hot show. Looking around the room i wondered what I could use to pleasure myself more. I was frustrated than nothing sprung to mind so i popped into my kitchen to see what i had there. I'd used a carrot & a banana before in private but I hadn't any of those in today. I rifled through the droors & cupboards, cunt juice running down my inner thighs, then there it was , the object that would make up for the absence of a cock today. Rushing back to the camera I took the marble rolling pin with me. It was cold with smooth rounded ends. Thicker than anything i was used to having in my pussy i wondered how this would work. I lay back as far as I could in the chair, put my heels up on the desk with my legs spread wide and slowly inserted the end of the cold hard beast into my hot fuck tunnel. Ooooh the sensation was delicious. The computer was pinging like mad as the horny people watched me abuse myself. Dirty slut, fucking whore they commented. Let me do you in the ass while you use that in your pussy one guy suggested. I was locked into the horniest feeling i had ever had. Suddenly knock knock on my door. I was furious. Who was this disturbing my fun. I hesitated, i didn't want to answer it but before i could give the situation any more thought I saw him at the window peering in. It was a curiour with an order I'd forgotten was due. Throwing my legs down from the desk swiftly and pulling a throw around me I felt the scarlet flush cover my face. This was so embarrasing but how could i cam for all those people & feel so shy with this one. The guy smiled and called out 'the parcel is too big for the box ' I went to the window rather than the door & opened it a little. ' Nice day for it' he said with a cheeky grin. I was speechless as he handed me the pad to sign for the delivery. 'I can tell your embarrassed, please don't' he said. I gave a little smile back. ' Wouldn't you prefer the real thing though?' he remarked. I nodded, oh my why did I do that? 'It'd be a pleasure to help' he said. I couldn't believe this was happening. I moved to the front door & opened it. The guy walked right in & over to the cam. ' I see they have been enjoying you' he said as he turned & winked at me. ' every film needs a happy ending' he joked as he undid his flies & pulled out his erect cock. He picked up the marble rolling pin & held it against his tool to compare size. ' I'm not that big but I'm hard & hot & I know how to fuck a woman good.'He placed an arm around my waist causing the throw to slip. Holding the pin in his other hand he slid it bewteen my legs & along my wet slit. The coolness of the marble on my clit was exciting. He dropped to his knees, licked the pin, dropped it & then sucked hard on my clit. My head was a mess. I was thinking stop stop I mustn't but my instincts were making me grind my pussy onto his face. 'You need fucking bad' he said. He pushed me back onto the sofa & without any hesitation thrust his hard throbbing cock into my tight sopping cunt. 'Ok whore show me what your cunt can do.' Pushing my legs back beside my ears he thrust in & out. His ball sack slapping my ass, my juice splurging all over his pubes. As i got lost in the heat of his fucking i heard the computer pinging again & realised we still had the audiance. All of a sudden he let out a long loud groan & whispered ' where do you want my cock cream baby?' He pulled out & before i could answer shot his load of sticky cum all over my clit, onto my belly & over my tits. I lay there mesmorised but he hadn't done yet. He moved up my body & thrust his cock against my lips ' Lick me clean slut' he demanded. ' I've more deliveries to make before I go home & fuck the missus.' Silently I did as he asked. I was still so turned on by what had happened. He stood up,did up his trousers, kissed me on the lips & slid his fingers into my gaping cunt. ' Keep it warm for me & order again soon.' he laughed. Then he left. I stayed there on the sofa for a moment or two. Cum running down my body, clit still twitching. I returned to the computer chair being careful not to show my face. Scrolling though the hundreds of comments was so sexy. Complete strangers commenting on my tits, pussy, & the most incredible fuck ever. I know I'll never be bored home alone again as I've found this new hobby, but maybe I'll pull the blinds down next time.