Written by Sheila

25 Aug 2004

I enjoy walking in a local nature reserve near Edinburgh. I had known that it was close to the local nudist beach but in my times there had never seen anyone get completely naked.

I had been following a deer with a calf through my binoculars when on a sand dune that backed onto the beach i noticed a couple holding each other close and kissing. I scanned back to them and readusted my binoculars, feeling kind of guilty but a little turned on watching this guy hold his parners arms aboce her head while she opened her legs. I knew it was wrong, but just had to keep watching. As the kissed I managed to balance the binoculars on my knees and let my free hand stray between my legs.

The couple continued and the guy on top worked his way donw his patner's body taking with him the shorts. That is when I got my first shock - it was two guys together! Now are a 40 year old married woman, this is not something that I am used to seeing but I found it so erotic. I adjusted my position, trying not to make any movements that might have given my position away, and got myself onto my side. Supporting the binaocualrs with one hand I unzipped my own pants and started to masturbate. As each of the guys took it in turn to suck the other, the movements of my fingers became more frantic. I moved forward a little so that my pants could come down my thighs and give me better acces. The cool air felt lovely. Viewing the guys became more of a problem as the image became very shakey,but they didnt last much longer, both came, quickly cleand themselves up and left the dune in the direction of the beach. I rolled onto my back, dropped the binoculars to the side of my head then pulled up my top releasing my breasts. I sunk 2 fingers inside myself, up too the knuckle and let out a gasp as I pulled on a stiff nipple with the fingers of my left hand. It was then I heard the groan and sat up. About 20 yards away from my feet was a man, probably mid 50s, on his kness with his cock in his hand, just finishing - what a fright. He smiled at me and said "I hope that you enjoyed your show as much as I enjoyed mine". Quickly I gathered my things and made myself decent as I headed away from him.

My full orgasm had to wait until I got home, but I cant wait to visit the dunes again to see what wonderfull wild life is on show!