Written by showpiece

30 Jan 2007

so off we went downstairs, bob was sat at the table still and angela offered him another drink ,bob said "you were a while upstairs" and winked at me, i told him we were sorting his birthday present out,with that he said " you shouldnt have" i thought to myself this is a present for all of us. we talked all three of us and i noticed angela was doing as i had asked and was being very flirty, she even moved the chair away from the table,crossed her legs and pulled her dress up exposing her stocking tops of which bob had a good eyefull.i again got the conversation back onto sex and passing comment on how angela likes it a lot and how sometimes i cant keep up with her appetite, i got up from the table and went into the living room where i pulled out a porno and put it in the vcr and pressed play,i then went into the kitchen and shouted angela to follow me,as she came in i told her what i had done and said that it was time to have some fun,i gave her instructions and went into the dining room. i said to bob "get your drink mate and we will go in the living room" as we walked in bobs eyes nearly fell out of his head i shouted to angela "have you been watching dirty movies again" she replied "sorry i thought i had turned it off" i told bob to sit on the three seater settee and i sat at the other end and as we watched the porno bob said "wheres angela" i told him she was getting his birthday present.perfect timing angela walked in with a dining table chair and sat at the end of the settee next to bob. bob looked confused ,angela must have sensed this and said to bob "watch the film i like this one it gets me horny as hell" s we all watched for about another ten minutes out of the corner of my eye angela was rubbing up and down the inside of her thighs and with each stroke raising her dress so after about six strokes she had exposed her stocking tops and panties,bob was watching her every move and judging by the bulge in his pants he was enjoying it.i too was getting a hard on watching him watching her, within no time angela explored even further she started stroking the inside of her groin and sliding her panties to one side rubbing her pussy lips with her finger,bob couldnt take his eyes off her, i by now had unzipped myself and pulled out my cock it seemed bigger than normal i swear it must have been 7 inches and 2 inches wide i was so fucking horny, i was waiting for one of them to make a move,angela by now was rubbing her clit and her breathing had changed it was then bob turned to me and realised i was wanking,he gave me a gesture as if to say is it ok and i just nodded.he then unzipped himself and started stroking his quite large cock,angela noticed this and got off her chair and sat in between us and said "look at this,two nice juicy cocks ready to be played with lets go skiing" with that she had a cock in each hand and still watching the film wanked us both together in perfect rythym.i was on the verge of comng so i grabbed angelas hand and stopped her and at the same time stood up and started to unzip her dress and i said to bob "this isnt fair you should unwrap your own present" he couldnt get it off quick enough this was when angela took control she got on all fours on the sette and started sucking bobs cock,she pushed her arse into my face and said eat me, so i pushed her panties to one side and licked her arsehole flicking my tongue all around it then moving down towards her pussy,she was so wet and her pussy lips were so swollen it looked like a sideways cheeseburger i undid her suspender belt and slid off her panties , she was giving bob such a good blowjob slurping,spitting on it and licking his shaft from top to bottom. bob was in heaven she then turned around to face me and said "have you calmed down now ,i dont want you coming too quick" she then planted her lips onto my cock and was literally eating eat.bob had his turn of eating my wifes pussy and was clearly enjoying eat.after about ten minutes of this angela said to bob "stick it in my arse bob,i want that cock of yours in my arse" bob was only too keen and gently shoved his manhood into angelas arsehole , i then slid underneath angela and entered her pussy this was the first time i had done DP but angela was going crazy bucking and writhing,bob suddenly tensed and shot his come into her arsehole and angela grabbed his hip and pulled him tighter into her so she could feel his last drop,i pulled out of her pussy and in the same position started wanking in front of her face she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to accept my load bob had pulled out of her arse and started licking on her clit to give her a massive orgasm just at the same time i came all over her face and hair and she greedily licked and sucked every bit of my salty come,even wiping my cock around her face to get the last drop. it was a fantastic night that we all enjoyed and i cant wait to do it again.