Written by Andrew

26 Sep 2004

I love to take all my clothes off and walk in the woods, yes I know it's risky but it gives me such a thrill, as soon as I get my clothes off I get a raging hard on, I have been doing this for some years now, and was caught once by an older woman who just asked me to wank off as she watched, I did as she told me and she watched until I had shot my load on the ground in front of her and just turned and walked away, without saying another word, I worried for a while in case she reported me but she obviously didn't.

Well I was enjoying the last of the summer sun on my naked body, I had parked the car and walked deep into the woods about a mile, there are rides through the forest that are used by the woodmen with thier tractors, and little tracks every 100 yards crossing them often used by horse riders, well I undressed and stashed my clothes in a forked tree, and went walking, I know it's more risky to leave my clothes behind but it's also more exciting and dangerous, as I was about to find out, I had been walking for about twenty minutes, my cock stuck out in front of me in all it's glory, I keep myself shaved so I had not even the bush of hair to hide my erection of any other part of my bits, it feels so sexy and just a bit vunerable, with the cool air on my naked cock and balls.

I heard voices coming in the distance and looked for a suitable place to hide, I got behind a large bush that was about twenty feet off the track, plenty of folage to hide me and waited for whoever to appear on the track, There was two of them both about mid twenties, long hair, scruffy, and somewhat dirty appearance, both had dogs on leads, they looked like lurchers, they growled as they got near where I was hiding and tried to come to me, thank god they were on leads, I waited till they were well out of sight and carried on walking, when I had gone a mile of so I decided to return and walked back to where my clothes were stored, but they were gone, I had put them in an old holdall to keep them clean and it was still there but empty.

What to do, my car was parked on the road side no way could I get to it without being seen and it was all of a mile back to the car and as one gets nearer to the road you meet many more people who only take short walks, well there was nothing for it I had looked all round to find my things, and they were gone, so I took off walking, several times I had to hide when people came by and there were voices behind me but no-one in sight, again I had to hide as a family came walking along the track, there took forever to pass and when they had gone I spotted the two men who I had meet earlier with the dogs, but now the dogs were free, I hid back in the bushes, hoping they would pass, but the dogs sented me and came running straight up to my hiding place, the men followed and when they saw me they said "so you're the kinky bastard who's been running around these woods in the nude we though we would get you when we found your clothes, or rather the dogs did" I didn't have much choice but to stand up and face them, although I was quite scared my cock was still standing to attention, I thought it was best to try to get controll of the situation and asked for my clothes in a demanding manner, they just laughed and said you'll get your clothes back when we say and not before, they told me to walk into the woods away from the track, the woods get denser and darker as you get further in, eventualy we came to a small clearing where some trees had been cleared, there was several trunks and stumps scattered about, they told me to go to a large trunk about three feet in diamerer and lean over it, I objected, one of them had a sort of riding crop, I assumed it was for his dog but he whiped it across my bare ass, and said do as you're told or get some more of that, it stung like hell so I did as I was told, as soon as I was on the log they tied my feet to my hands under the tree, I was helpless and pretty frightened by now, They stood and told me that I had been seen on several occations and even told me the registration of my car, they said that thier girl friends wouldnt use the woods to exersize the horses any more because of my naked walks and that I was to be punished for spoiling thier pleasure, with that I heard the whip spish through the air and crack against my bare skin, the pain was increadable, and followed by many more, I dont know how many times he brough the whip down agains my naked backside but I fainted with the pain, when I came round I was untied and laying on my clothes, I stood shakily and got dressed, it was dusk so I must have been out for quite a while, probably an hour of so, I made my way back to the track and eventualy to me car, there was a note under the wipers, warning my of what would happen if I was caught again.

I think I will use a different area of the forest in future as I know that I can't give up my love of naked walking in the forest and as there is 11000 acres of it I should be able to keep out of thier way, if not I will have to suffer the concequences, I cannot give it up it's like a drug.