Written by Paulrcouple

24 Jan 2014

This is a story about me catching Jane playing with herself years ago we had not been married very long. We had not started to play with other people then we have been playing for 34 years watched Jane many times having fun.

Got home from work early one saturday morning it was over time and the job did not take us as long as we expected. Yes believe it or not Jane was once very shy she had just started to come out of her shell and we had started to tell each other our fantasies in bed when playing as all couples do but had not put any into practice.

I let myself in through the front door walked down the small hallway went into the kitchen and i could not believe what i saw.

We had one of those twin tub washer,s that used to spin your clothes shake and vibrate.

Jane was stood with her Jeans and knickers on the floor her pussy was pressing hard on the corner of the washer as it was on the fast spin she had her top pushed up her boobs out and was pulling and twisting her nipples hard her eyes tightly closed and biting her top lip.

Icould not believe what i was watching my young wife that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth looks was using the washer as a sex toy.

Then a loud moan and a si her knees buckled and gave way she was lent over the washer for what seemed ages.

I had never heard her pant for breath like that before then she saw me standing there i will never forget that look on Jane,s face she just froze to the spot got her jeans and ran up stairs.

I Followed her shortly she said she was sorry and would not do it again yes you will i said told her it was the hornest thing i had ever seen.

We ended up fucking on the bed it was fantastic she told me how she found out about it was one morning and she lent on the washer when it was spinning and her pussy felt the vibration and it felt nice i was sat there but she was not as open then as she is now so never said any thing to me.

That night when i went out she put the washer on and waited for it to start spinning and pressed her pussy against it and found out it was very enjoyable,

After that day we used to fuck on it often jane said she could feel the vibration through my balls in up my cock it was Jane,s first vibrator and we always clean clothes after that.