Written by the fitter

14 Jul 2006

i was doing so work for a friend of my wife sally, it was some kitchen alterations by day 2 i had just about completed it and julia the friend was quite impressed with the alterations in her small terraced house. day 3 and julia gose to work as normall and wont be back till 6pm, by 3pm iam now fineshed the work and on my way up to the bath room i see julias bedroom door open and her knickerdraw was left slightly open and i could see her knickers sat in the draw, of to the toilet i go but being a bum and knickers man i have to have another look, in i go and take a white cotton pair in my hands now a black silky pair i undo my jeans and sit on the bed and start rum my dick with them.

i lie back now with quite q hard on when from knowware in she comes home from work early !!!!!

its all quiet at first then she starts to have a real go at me and how she is going to tell sally and the police about me wanking in her knickers.

she stops and starts to think and now is using black mail on me telling me she will not pay for the kitchen and she is going to make me pay for what i have done or she will tell sally.

she now orders me to take all my cloths off and lie on the floor, iam now down to my undies on the floor on my back when she walks in the room and says if youlike my kickers so much then smell this and brings out from the wash basket a dirty pair and rubs the croutch in my nose making mr take deep breaths through my nose she smells wounder full.

right she says seen as like my nickers so much iam going to treat your face as a pair of my knickers, next she stands over me lifts her skirt and lowers her self on to me in the 69 position all i see is these white knickers and bum about to land on me rubing her arse in my face she tells me how sweaty her size 16 arse gets each day sat at work.

she now stands up orders me to stand up and take of my boxers she know holds my very hard dick and uses it to guide me to the toilet tells me to liedown againe up gose the skirt down comes the knickers and she puts them over my face sits on the toilet and pees

next she stands up with out wiping takes away the knickers and sits on my face in the butterfly position telling my to clean her up as her nickers normally take the drops.

when she has done she makes me walk to the bed room i lie on the floor and she lifts the skirt up and gose to the 69 position sits on my face and orders me to clean her arse with my tonge saying her knickers go up her bum so i should as well hot and sweaty it was

she now leans forward and starts to bj me i can feel me about to come when she stops sits up and firmly squats down on my face she now stands up turns round and sits on my throbing dick says how small it is to the ones she has had in the past,

no more than 2 mins and iam exploding in side her, she looks at me smiles and says oh yes one other thing my knickers do is soak up spunk !!! she slides up my body says open wide and dribells spunk in my open mouth not having tasted it befor it was a bit of a shock she now sitts down on my face and tells me to lick her clit till she comes she is a big girl and all i can see is her belly moving over me eventually she starts to say iam comming iam comming and lets her self go she gathers her breath looks down at under her and says this not the end you are my bitch now

she gets up and sends me home telling me to wait for her call to come back and be used againe

done it a few times now and love every second !!