Written by Liz

18 Mar 2005

Our window cleaners usually come on a Saturday morning, so I was not expecting to see them today which is Thursday. My husband had gone to work and I had the day off. Feeling particularly horny I was lying on our bed fucking myself with a 9” black dildo and bringing myself off nicely. The curtains were open – our house is not overlooked and I noticed John one of our two window cleaners just staring at me with an open mouth. In a panic I jumped up and dived into the bathroom not really daring to come out although the exhibitionist in me was really turned on.

Then Dave the other window cleaner (John does the outside, Dave does the inside) came into the bathroom and told me that John said I needed some help. I had always though that Dave fancied me as I have really big tits and he had always joked about being a tit man. Now I was standing there with my 38F tits staring him in the face and a wet cunt. He came over and grabbed my tits and started to suck my nipples really roughly. My husband who is the nicest man in the world is always so gentle so this roughness was new but really exciting. He pulled me back through the bedroom and flung me on the bed telling my he had wanted to fuck me for ages – without a great deal of foreplay he rammed his cock into me and starting pumping for all he was worth, kneading my tits and with every time he rammed into to me telling me to tell him how much I loved it.

I then noticed John also in the room wanking himself at first slowly then with more urgency, I beckoned him over and grabbed his cock and started to bring him off.

Dave was nearing coming and I could feel him stiffen as he shot his load into my cunt. He rolled over and said to all yours to John. Who turned me over on all fours and slipped straight into my cunt which was throbbing and very, very wet. John has about 2” on Dave and was much thicker so I really felt him and he gripped by sides and slammed me back onto his cock – meanwhile Dave was pulling at my nipples and playing with my clit. John started to finger my arse and I thought I was going to pass out. John asked Dave to pass him my dildo and as he withdrew told Dave to fuck me with the dildo which he did, John continued to finger my arse and then stuck his cock up my arse slowly at first it was really painful but he carried on until it was all in and slowly at first then faster and faster fucked my arse as Dave was fucking my cunt with the dildo underneath and bucking up so his cock was in my mouth. When John came I could feel his hot spunk filling my arse and he collapsed on the bed. I finished Dave off sucking till he came in my mouth and he brought me to orgasm with his fingers rubbing my clit and ramming my dildo in and out of my cunt.

I have never had two meet before, never had anal sex lead a very quiet normal life but am so horny now writing this and thinking about it. Dave and Joh come every 8 weeks so we will see what happens next time.