Written by w.yorks

17 Jan 2005

i got a email from sue who had seen my ad she wanted me to go to her home and have her while her hubby watched, so after we talked on the phone off i went .

as i got to her door she was looking out of the window waiting for me , she open the door looking horny with a wrap around dress on ,she showed me holding my hand ,as we sat down dave walked in and asked if i would like a drink then off he went to make it when he was gone she sat across from me leting her dress slip open so i could see her stocking tops, she was telling me that dave wanted to see her getting fucked while her watched with that he walk in with the drinks and said i wil come back in when you both feel ok for me to watch , so sue came and sat next to me as i was stocking her leg she was trying to get my cock out i looked in to her eyes and could see she wanted cock and her pussy was dripping wet as she started to lick my shaft and my balls and slowly sucked my cock we got in to the 69 the smell of her pussy as lapped up her cum i looked up and seen dave ,i did not hear him come in the room he/she was dressed in a short mini stocking bra wig make up he/she just watched ,sue then said now fuck me and what a fuck she was ,as i slamed my cock in to her she was looking at dave calling him a useless asshole who could not fuck a woman all he was good for is to clean her after a real man had fucked her ,then i turned her over got her on all four and fucked her from behind slaming my balls on her ass ,dave was loving it watching his wive getting fucked while he was dressed as a slut ,i slipped my cock out of her pussy she wanted me to fuck her up the arse (who was i to say no) i was close to cumming she was screaming for me to shoot my cum up her arse with a few good thrusts i feel myself cumming she was calling dave over to get ready to clean her ,he got down under her ready to catch any cum that dripped out ,as i pulled out my cock his mouth was round my bellend cleaning all the way up my shaft then he went to work on sue sucking all my cum out of her ass licking and rimming her hole . god what a sight to see a cumslut hubby cleaning his wife out after i fucked her ,

i have seen this couple a few time useing her and him so more storys to cum ,