Written by fivetoze

3 Jul 2006

Well, im a closet cross dresser, I have been since I first tried my sisters knickers on many many years ago. Well, im in a boutique, it sells the most exquisite lingerie, and on more than one occasion I had popped inside to buy a few things.

On this particular day I decided to buy a basque, I adored the feeling of being restricted as it fitted snugly around my body. Anyway, it was a wet Wednesday, and I slipped inside. The shop was unusually empty and I approached the counter. And a pretty thing in her mid thirties appeared. She wore her hair short and for a moment I thought it was a guy… her soft voice asked can I help? Mm, yes I replied. I’d like to buy a basque. White if you have one. She turned and beconed me towards the hangers I followed as she slipped between rows and rows of frilly lingerie.

She stopped beside a rail and offered one up against me, this’ll fit you she said almost innocently, would you like to try it on? I was dumbfounded…would I? Silly question really. She selected some slippery silk panties and ushered me into a fitting room and closed the door as she left. I stood there almost in shock, she knocked the door and opened it holding some white stockings. You ll need these. She said and closed the door behind her. Do you need a hand? She stepped forwards and clipped the basque around me. And left.

I looked at the basque…my fingers trembled as I touched the soft silk, and satins…withing seconds I was dressed. I slipped the Basque around my body and adjusted it, mmm, it was snug. I slipped the adjusters thru my panties and clipped the stockings tightly. Mmm I was in heaven, and without warning the door opened.

Clutching a handful of lingerie, there stood another guy. Mmm, he mumbled, you look nice…thanks I stammered, mind if I share? He moved inside and closed the door. He stripped and tried on a powder blue bra, with matching panties and suspender belt and black stockings. I simply stood there watching, and getting more aroused by the second. He opened his bag and removed some silicone breast forms and popped tehm into the bra. I mumbled something, ans she turned to me, want to feel? I reached out…and before I knew it I was kissing her. Our hands were all over each other as we touched, stroked and squeezed, I was in heaven…and the door opened again.

Oh no, I thought. It was the shop woman. She opened the door, and stood there…ive been watching yo two on the shop security cameras, and, im so horny ive closed the shop…she lifted her short skirt, and a huge strap on cock waved into the light. She pointed at me, suck my cock bitch. She grabbed my hair and pushed the huge rubber cock into my mouth, I just let her fuck me…my mouth was hers.

After a few minutes she stops and pulls out of my mouth. She points at the other girl. Bend over. She moved forwards and pulled her panties down, with one hand she gripped her monstrous prick and began to enter her…she looked at me, my discomfort was abvious…and poking out like a flagpole… she pushed the head of the other girl onto my engorged cock and I let her suck me to completion, in fact I exploded all over her face, my hot spunk dripped from her lips down onto her bra and soaked into her stockings. I decided to return the favour, while the horny shop assistant attacked her arse, I knelt before her, her panties were glistening and I eased them down…mmm she had her own dildo, thick, veined and throbbing behind girly silk panties. I ran my nails across the silken mound and she gasped. I opened my mouth and licked his shaft. Mmm, it was nice. Within seconds he shot his load down my throat and I swallowed every drop.

I was still rock hard and the shop assistant was finger deep in her own wet pussy. I moved behind her and pressed my throbbing cock against her flimsy slippery knickers, she pushed backwards…I moved her knickers and slipped inside her. She was so wet I was soon rubbing my pantied balls against her wet silk covered arse…I lasted no more than a few minutes before I filled her gaping pussy with more hot spunk. She stopped and looked me…well I cant go home like this, youd better clean me up…I got onto my knees and began to slurp hot spunk out of her pussy…it was everywhere, oozing from her pussy, soaking into her panties and stockings and she had me lick it all off. She sat on my face and pushed her wet knickers into my lips as she masturbated on my tongue as the other girl pushed her hot hard cock between her panties and my lips…I sucked as he fucked her knickers…and I came in my panties….oh it was heavenly. .

I still have the basque…and I visit the shop occasionally by the shop assistant with the short hair has gone… but my desire to dress like a tart and suck on hard throbbing cocks is still with me… I cant wait until it happens again.