Written by Tom

17 Mar 2005

Just come back from a great ski holday with the lads which turned out to have a great suprise. There were 5 of us (all in our mid forties) who had booked a last minute trip. When we got there we found that we were the only ones in the chalet. We were being looked after by Sally, a young 20 year old who was taking a gap year. She was lots of fun, joined in some light-hearted banter, but kept us all at arms length.

One night when she was serving dinner Sally looked pretty upset, and after a bit of a chat we found out that she had found out that her boyfriend (who also worked in the resort) had had a one-night fuck with another chalet girl. He was suposed to be coming around later to see her, but she wasn't sure she wanted to see him.

We were all supportive, telling her that a gourgeous girl (red-hair, green eyes, about a size 12, 5 foot 8, and a great pair of tits) could have who she wanted, and she didn't need a cheating boyfriend. After a while, Sally started to perk up, telling us we were all so nice, as that we were right, she could have anyone she wanted, and that she would teach him for screwing around.

With that she, leant over and gaver John a big kiss, and said thank-you for cheering me up. She then when around each of us in turn, Neil, Joe, Dave and myself giving us all a long kiss. As she finished kissing me, she said "your right, I can have anyone I want. That bastard will be here in a while and I going to teach him a lesson", and with that she sat on my knee whispered in my ear "play with my tits" and started to kiss me.

I have to admit that I hadn't have my hands on a pair of young tits since my marriage of 20 years, so I didn't need a second invitation, and after a long wet kiss and a grope through her jumper, I pulled Sally's tight jumper up over her head to reveal her young tits encased in a white bra. She then reached behind and unclipped it, letting her tits spring free. Boy, they were lovey and pert, with little pink nipples. As I clamped my lips over one, Sally groaned. This set off the other guys, who had been there sitting speachless, and the next mintue Sally was surrounded by 5 guys kissing, sucking and mauling her young body. It didn't take long, and within minutes we had her naked on the table.

Sally had the most incredible pussy lips, her pussy hair was a very fine, but her lips was have been 1.5 inches long. As I went down on her, you could get them into your mouth, or pull them wide apart to expose her clit. She started moaning as I licked her clit, but that was soon muffled as John fed his cock into her mouth. After a while she started to come under my tongue, as as she did I quickly dropped my trousers and shorts, and fed my cock into her pussy. She was soaking, but boy was she tight.

Two of the guys, each graped one of her legs and helped to spread them wide as I started to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Sally started maoning and talking dirty, tell us that she wanted all of us to fuck her and fill her pussy full of spunk, and a few minutes later I obilged and spurted my load deep into her tight young pussy.

As I pulled out, Dave took my place, with Sally urging him on. John, Neil and Joe then followed, and soon Sally had 5 loads of spunk inside her, but she said she wanted more, so I went back for seconds. This time around, she was no longer tight, but her pussy lips had puffed-up and it was an incredible sight seing then wrapped around my cock. As I fucked her, she started to blow Dave. After a while he groaned, pulled out of her mouth and spunked onto her pretty young face, that set me off and as I was spurting my second load of spunk into her pussy, in walked her boyfriend.

He was gob-smacked, which I suppose anyone would be to find their girl-friend naked, face covered in spunk, being fucked by 5 guys. Sally just looked at him and said, "two can play at this game, and I can get it easier than you, you bastard, now come over here and lick me out, and I may take you back".

As he walked over, I pulled out, and made way for him. Sally sat up, grabbed hold of his hair and pushed him down to her pussy. He didn't look to keen, but as she wrapped her legs around his head, he didn't have much choice. He started sucking away, while we just watched him lick the spunk from 5 guys out of his girl-friend. This made her come again, and as as he got up and dropped his trousers ready for a fuck, Sally said, "No, John, Neil and Joe could go first.

So he had to stand there, and watch each of them fuck her in turn, filing her with spunk, before she finally let him fuck her. The young kid didn't last more than a couple of thrusts before he shot his load, and as she pushed him off she told him he was a wimp, and to piss-off and she might call him later, and with that she gathered her clothes and went back to her room.

What a ski holiday. Of course John, Neil, Joe, Dave and myself all agreed we could never tell our wives - they might not us going skiing again.

And if Sally and her wimp boyfriend ever read this, thanks for the great night.