Written by Holidaymaker

7 Jun 2005

Many years ago I went off on a late holiday booking to Benidorm and thankfully it was in one of the quiter areas although not too far should I fancy a lively night.From day one I kept getting woken up by the young chambermaid who was around 18/19 and from Germany and not phased by me still being in bed as she went around dusting and picking my clothes up.On the third morning I had got into the shower after a night of fucking an older woman from Leeds who wanted to be treated as a dirty slut,and I obliged and sent her on her way with a pussy full of sticky spunk and I told her I would find her if I wanted a repeat performance.As I was soaping my body all over Great must of entered the apartment as the bathroom door opened just as I was giving my now hard cock a good soaping and instead of grabbing the shower curatin I carried on rubbing my erection up and down as the young girl stared at me and dropped the clean towels.I asked her if she liked the view and she nodded and came closer and managed to touch my throbbing cock and began to wank it off,but I told her to stop and join me in the shower so she doesn't get her uniform wet.In a flash she was in the shower and I was kissing her and running my hands over her little tits and then rubbing her hairy bush and she soon went to her knees to lick and suck my cock as the water poured down onto us.She was a seasoned pro at cock sucking and even managed to suck expertly on my balls in her mouth and then looked me in the eyes and led me into the bedroom and lay down spread her legs and just said Fuck me.But I told her I wanted her to get on top and ride my cock and she obliged and soon she was moaning with pleasure playing with her erect nipples leaning back and sucking my cock inside and with the balcony door open I knew people would probably hear but I didn't care as I had this slut riding me for all she was worth.After a while I knew I couldn't hold back so I grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her closer and she knew I was about to shoot as my face screwed up and I felt a stream of spunk shoot up into her hairy hole and I carried on fucking her hard until my balls were drained and the slurping sound was great to hear and she eventually climbed off and got on all fours to show me how matted her bush was with my fresh spunk and she stuck a couple of fingers in and scooped out some spunk and then slipped them into her mouth and licked them clean.As I lay there watching this young slut I pointed to my cock and told her to suck me and she didn't need telling twice and she was soon bobbing up and down and sucking me like a vacum cleaner and I once again shot my load and she swallowed it all down and then lciked my cock clean before getting off the bed to get dressed.She said she had enjoyed herself and would come back tomorrow.I fucked her everyday for the rest of the fortnight and one or two of her chambermaid friends that she had told and one was old enough to of been my gran but she was so grateful and I loved palying with her huge tits as I fucked her hard from behind.