Written by Bud

5 Aug 2018

Though I would share this as happened only yesterday and cannot get it out of my mind.

I/we live in rural England and nearest neighbour is about 5 minutes walk. I had borrowed a bit of equipment a few days earlier and having finished wanted to return it. So Knocking on their door (They being good friends younger than ourselves who's children we occasionally looked after and we share various other times together, but never anything more that flirting and occasional suggestions).

As I knocked on the door the fem came to greet me dressed in a black semi see though top and long skirt. Her breasts swayed as she walked and it was obvious even before she got to the door she had no bra on. Then as she opened the door her breasts were literally on full view the thin material did nothing to hide her shape and the darkness of her small nipples.

She made no effort to cover up as I dropped the item on the floor saying thank you. We then chatted but my eyes kept returning to those nipples as she kept the conversation going. I asked if I was disturbing any thing and was Hubby at home to which she replied no to both. At which she said I was just making a cold drink would you join me, I accepted and followed her into the kitchen.

I little cooler here and we then sat next to each other my cock getting hard as I watched her nipples jiggling under the material. Being brave I then commented that the top was lovely as was her skirt, at which she laughed and smiled with a thank you, I wasn't expecting anybody. "Well I'm glad I did was my reply" With which she fiddled with her top not really making any adjustments but pulled it slightly, making her nipples stand up. "You have lovely nipples and the top shows them off perfectly" I said, getting braver. She just smiled as I put one hand over the top of a nipple feeling her hot skin and the hard nipple within my palm. She just cooed as my hand stayed there and not being rejected placed my other hand on her other nipple. We stayed like this for several seconds before I moved so I could put each nipple between fingers and started to play with them. As I rolled and gently squeezed them she closed her eyes and her shoulders relaxed. The nipples now growing in size and hardness matched my cock. I then lent forward and cupped the nearest between my lips and sucked. After a little while she lifted my head and stood up as she did s she undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor. This showed it was an all in one. I could see her pussies lips with the material tight between them wet and both lips exposed. She reached down and undid the fasteners allowing the material to open up as she pulled the front up away from her dark trimmed triangle.

She then turned and sat upon the table resting her feet on the chairs opening her legs as she did so showing her very pink lips glistening and her pussy exposed.. She then looked at me and just smiled. I stood up and went to stand in front of her before lowering my mouth to taste her juice. Running tongue up and down then inside her very wet lips. I licked and explored her clit sucking her flicking it hearing her gasps as I managed to hit her spot. After what seemed only a few minutes she lifted my head reached down and undid my trousers. As they fell I hooked my pants to join them on the floor. Cock was standing juicy in front she took hold of it and pulled me to her open pussy. To say we fucked like the world was about to end is an understatement, we fucked bucked hard and fast she managing several orgasms before I could hold back no more and asking could I let go she took hold of me and pulled me tight, as my explosion shot inside joining her in another orgasm. Having spent I slowly allowed us both to calm which helps me get erect again and then slowly made love to her again, which gave us both another orgasm even if less powerful.

She then pushed me back and told me to lick her clean, a pleasure as I wrapped my mouth over her very wet pussy lips.

Her legs wrapped around my head holding me tight as I slurped and lapped her clean.

I was then aware of somebody touching my cock and jumped. "Stay there" she said. I then felt a mouth start to suck my cock, holding my sac as it was sucked and licked. It felt good but a little apprehensive as I did not know who it was. They sucked and milked me clean, before standing and she released my head. As I stood and turned it was her husband.

He was standing there just smiling a little of my cum on his face.

"We have wanted to do some thing like this for a long time, I hope you enjoyed it as well?"

"Yes wonderful" I replied.

She then gave me a long kiss and said, " Thank you don't be a stranger we will do this again" she kissed me and walked out of the room. I pulled up my trouser and went to leave. As I got to the door hubby said "We mean it we want you to visit us and just her and enjoy her when every you like"

I walked home in a trance excited and bemused not even thinking they were into playing. But I will take them up on the offer later this week.