Written by Yorkshire Dogger

8 Oct 2005

This is incredible! I have just read some stories on this site and realised that I was involved in one of them!

I was at Bretton Country Park on the Friday afternoon "Felicity" was!

I often call in to see if there is any action but these days it is quite rare there!

I'd parked my van and was reading the paper and I had noticed a few regular doggers parked up to.

I saw a silver car pull into the carpark and saw a very attractive little brunette, I'd guess early 40's, get out and walk over to the toilet block. She looked very businesss like, dressed in a jacket/short skirt suit. very nice, I thought, assuming she was just passing through!

I could see the other guys watching her as she went back to her car. She then appeared to pour a drink and sat for a few minutes.

One of the regulars, a big guy, tried his luck and went over to her car. I was surprised that he just got his cock out at her car window and started to wank!

She could have phoned the police but she unwound her window and grabbed his cock!

I've never seen a group of guys move so fast! Suddenly we were all around the car. Quite an old guy got in next to her and started fingering her and I'm sure she came!

One guy took her out the car, unfastened her jacket, all she had below was a bra.

I felt her tits, they were gorgeous!

They bent her over her car bonnet and one guy fucked her doggy as we watched. She screamed so loud as she came and he spunked!

I was fourth cock in her and by then she would have done anything! Her cunt was oozing cum!

I think 7 or 8 men fucked her, all bareback and at the end I felt her pussy! All swollen and dripping with 8 loads of spunk!

Best action I've ever had at Bretton.

Thank you Felicity and come back soon!