Written by Ali barbers kitchen

6 Jan 2004

The day had been hectic as per useual..everyone gettign on everyone elses nerves..I was more relaxed as I let alot of the office crap go over my head..I was getting to the point wheer i needed to go get some things from town so off I went tellng my secretary id be about hour or so..I parked up and as i left my car I noticed a women two cars down getting out of her car..she was bent inside and the split on her dress opened to show her long very nice firm legs..I was staring and never really noticed her look back..we caught eachothrs eye and smiled a little she had that glnt in her eye, the one that said ..mmmm yes im as horny as you are what you gonna do about it..

we both got to the lift at the same time i offered in first being the total gentleman and wanting to have another look at her from the rear, she moved to the back of the lift and we stood looking at eachother without saying anything for what seemed like minutes but was in fact secounds..you going down I asked and smiling she said there is a an outside chance yes..we both smiled and I said you are naughty..and we laughed more..I let her out of the lift first..and we both stopped and tried some small talk..she was really direct and said she had noticed me staring at her and liked it..she always felt nice when she knew other guys faniced her..She was really fit looking lady from what I cold see se had 36 breats or there abouts..long auburn hair...nice long legs and was about 5/7 very nice and naughty smile as well..I was turned on and ddi not wnat to let this go by..so I said what are yo in town for,..she replied well i came here today to pick up a nice looking guy ..and i was goong to take him back to me office and fuck him stupid..lol

I went bright red and she said shopping of course..its thursday a womens work and all thjat

i relaxed but replied i liked the first reason...

She looked me up and down and asked what was doing for lunch..I told her not alot..I was a free agent today ( such a lying git I had work to do and needed it done by the next morning..) she said i will be done in an hour fancy a coffee somewhere..i agreed and we arranged to meet back at the carpark after we had stowed away all our shopping.

I cold not concentrate whe I shopedd I eneded up buying a pencill set and rubber..(not that type)..and some other cmpletely useless stuff..I had a raging hard on since she said about fucking a guy senseless..we met back at the carpark and it had begun to rain she was a little wet and me as well

she asked if I would like a coffee back at her place...my eyes lit up..she said dont get to excited it is just a coffee..(yeah right)..I followed her to the car and we left together she drove i surveyed her out line and side profile..wondering what she would look like nacked and how firm her breasts were..she without looking at me said..stop staring I know what your thinking..I said I doubt it other wise you would kick me out the car..her skirt was slightly open.. told her she looked good../nice legs...and was very attractive, she blushed a little and said what would you do if I told you ive never strayed with any guy since married..but had recently ben thinking of it..never really expecting it to happen./.she addmitted being really arroused at the thought of us just meeting as we did and going for a coffee..

I told her as honestly as I could.."look I dont do this but you have hit a spot in me that has made me lose sight of other thngs..I really hped she wanted me as much as I wanted her..she replied "your only in my car because I want it as well

I let my hand rub her thigh...she never flinched...letting me slide up her leg..she eve opened them slightly for me..i was so hard..my hand had got under her skirt feeling the heat becoming more intense as I got neaer her pussy..she was really wet...licking her lips as I let my fingers gently caress the wet patch over her panties. You had better stop or we are going to crash she said through her very heavy breathing..we eventualyly got to her place a nice house in a normal estate eletric garage that she opened and drove right in..as she sut the door she leant acrosss and kissed me deep on the mouth..her tongue we really wet....her hands ran over my cock..I was as hard as ever...I let my hands find her breasts her nipples were really hard and erect...as I flicked my fingers over trhem she gasped..

shall we go inside..?

we got in the shopping left in the car..as soon as we were in the kitchen she knelt down ....in front of me and told me to take my cock out..as I undid my zip she slid her hand inside...one of her hands wondering over her breasts inside the bluose id opened slightly..she let her fingers caress the length of my cock opver my pants..then I felt her fingers slip under the elastic and feel my wet cock for the first time..it was heavan I thought id shoot there and then...she looked up and cuaght me biting my botom lip gasping wanting it inside hermouth..she obliged sliding my trousers down and easing my cock out..she teased the end with the tip of her tongue, then slid her lips slowly over the head..letting me see her face and eyes as she took it deeper...It was a great feeling...she let her won hand slide down her body between her legs I could see her rubbing inside her panties..I wanted to suck her wet fingers taste her so I puled her arm up and slid her fingers inside my mouth..she tasted really nice.. let her place her hand back..and let her rub somemore..

I enjoyed her sucking my cock..deeper she was very good at it...wanking the shaft as the lips worked back and fourth..I was not far away from shooting inside her mouth and told her she had better stop..or id fill her mouth..she carried on...sucking even harder..I was really hard..knowing id not last much longer i shouted that i was about to cum..she wanked faster and harder taking my cock deeper..feling my shaft twitch as I sot my cum dowher throat she was still looking me in the eye showing me her technique it was trhe best id had...she slipped my cock out of her mouth wanking it..licking her lps...lookng a me./I was totally.engorssed in her...I wanted to tongue her wet pusy and make sure she had as gooder time as id just had, so I pulled her up kissed her tasting my ow cum that was left on her mouth..pushing her bnack to the table I made her lean on the edge legs open..I slid my fingers inside her panties..she was so wet..bending in front of her I let my tongue.sip inside her..hearing her let out a small moan...and gasp for breathe she tasted sweet..my fingers worekd together with my tongue and it was not long before she was pushing harder into my face...telling me she was cumming..I let my fingers work faster over her clit...and let one finger rub over her ass ..she never protested so I caried on and let it slide i a little enhanceing her orgasim . She came hard in my face as I licked it up..she pulled on my hair...foceing me harder against her pussy as she lost it..

She relaxed telling me thats the first time she has cum for a long time...I felt my cock getting harder ..there was this realy open women sat on the edge of the table legs oopen panties tugged aside....dripping with her juices ..I wanted to feel my cock inside of her..

I asked her to turn around which she did..I bent her slightyl and held my hard cock against her pussy..she reached behiond her and took hold of it guiding it inside her she let me thrust and then held me there for a few secounds without moving..savouring the feeling of the first penetraion,,,,, then she gyrated o my cock..i could feel her pussy muscles almost wanking my cock inside her..then she bent further forward wantiong it deeper..I fucked her harder rideing faster and we both gopt to the point where we were cumming again..she asked me not to cum inside of her..she wanted it in her motuh again..she knlet again and took my cock n her mouth fingering herself furiuosly as she wanked my io her mouth and waited for me to shoot down her throat again..we both came again...simultaniously...gasping we were n a right mess..we eventually relaxed laughed at the state of one and other ..she strightened her clothes..and put the ketle on..we had a coffee and a biref chat and I said id better get back to the office.. I left and that was that.