Written by Graham (with Jill !!!)

30 Dec 2004

You may have read my activities with Corrine well I had a second unexpected Chistmas present on Boxing Day.

Our family had been invited to a meal and party withsome friends at alocal chateau and we were to stop over to save driving home.My wife who works shifts at residential home onlt came for the meal as she had to do the nitghts this week so I was foot loose and fancy free.

The meal was eaten by 20 of us and a disco arrived and anothe 20 or so people and the party got into full swing. there was plenty to drink and I was soon happy.Towads 11o'clock I found myself dancing with my sister in law who is a size 10 40 going on 18 year old. I had danced with her before and had often felt thee urge to have a go with her but I had never had any response. However tonight as we swayed around the floor she said to me @did Ineed that growth in my trousers adjusting' sso i asked if she would like to adjust it for me.She said 'Yes but not here come to my room in five minutes'

Well was one of my fantasies about to come true? The five minutes seemed to last an hour. I made my way upstairs to the 2nd floor and found the door ajar. I pushed it open and went in there was no light on so Ifelt my way towards the shadow of the bed i coulsd make out in the dim moonlight. I sttopped at foot of the bed ab=n d waited wondering if I had the wrong room. Suddenly the door shut and locked and a soft light came on and there was my sisiterin law Jill dressed in her black undies. My cock was ready to burst.

'Come over here' she said and she began to undo my clothes.

When Istood there naked she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking and wanking me. Isoon came and she drank every drop,licking me clean afterwards. ' God thst was good' she said 'I havent tasted anspunk that good since my ex left me'

She began feeling my balls and fingering my anus and my cock began to grow. She pulled me over to the bed and we lay down. 'Suck me and make me come' she said. So I began to lick and nibble he rnipples and she started to moan within minutes she was spasming with her first climax and I ran my tongue down toher slit and licked her erect clit she came and came and her warm salty juices tasted wonderful.

'Fuck me and fuck me hard' she moaned @and imeean really hard!' So ipushed my cock staight into her and banged away until she screamed and her hot juces burst over me just as sprayed my hot spunk into her.

I went down to licke her oout but she said stop leave it.

We got up and dressed and went bakc to the party where we spent the next few hours enjoying ourselvees with the others.

About two o'clock Jill came over and Whispred in my ear 'I'm ready to be licked out now'

Well the rest of the night is another story to tell you later.....