Written by Davelee

17 Jan 2007

I want to tell you about a session that Chelle had recently after I picked her up from a night out with the girls.

Before she went out I told her to put on her short denim skirt, her low cut top to show off her 44” D tits and no bra so her nipples showed through her top.

Her instructions were to get pissed and pull a guy near the end of the night and pretend to phone for a taxi where I would come and pick her up.

When Chelle gets pissed she is a filthy cow and up for anything.

So off she went and I got a few calls during the night saying how she was being chatted up by one of the young guys in this club she has seen before. Someone she has fancied for ages.

Chelle by the way is 44 married to me 2 grown up kids a large shaved pussy and filthy when pissed.

We have had many adventures and shared a few of them on this site previously.. anyway.

This guy is 22 and apparently got the hots for Chelle.

One of the phone calls she told me they were in a dark part of the club and he had has hand up her skirt feeling her pussy while she was wanking his cock. He wanted to fuck her there and then but Chelle sent him to the toilet to calm him down so she could phone me and pick them up.

Off I went with a hard on almost unable to contain and when I reached the club they were outside waiting.

I pulled up and said taxi for Chelle and they got in the back.

Chelle almost immediately started kissing this guy who’s name was Steve.

I positioned my mirror and asked them where to, Chelle just said drive down the bypass and Ill let you know.

There is a lane frequented by doggers on the bypass so I knew what to expect.

Steve soon had Chelles tits out and was sucking them noisily, making her gasp with pleasure.

I could hear him ask was she not bothered about the taxi driver and she told him back that she would probably fuck him as well she was that horny.

This spurred Steve on and he opened her legs pushing his fingers deep into her wide open wet pussy. I could hear his fingers squelching inside her as her juices began to pour from her pussy. Chelle gets very wet and can squirt when she comes.

They were kissing noisily and his fingers were pumping hard up her cunt as he worked more of them inside.

Chelle was moaning now and opened his pants to reveal his hard cock, she quickly moved her legs over his and groaned loudly as his rock hard cock invaded her wet pussy.

She ground against him sucking at his tongue as he pumped inside her.

“Fuck me harder you dirty bastard” she began to shout as she ground her clitoris against his groin.

“come on you dirty bitch he replied, I’m going to shoot my spunk right into your pussy”

With that I heard him groan as he emptied his thick seed into her. Pumping and pumping it up her hot wet pussy.

Chelle groaned she was coming and worked against him faster as she could feel his sperm emptying deep into her womb

Fucking and now shouting as her orgasm ripped through her. Bucking against him and draining his cock deep up her of its spunk. She road him until her orgasm subsided and she opened her legs and sat back at the side of Steve and inserted her fingers into her pussy as she played with her clit.

Watch while I make myself come Steve she told him as she opened her legs I looked in the mirror and could see the spunk flowing from her red swollen lips as it ran onto the leather seats.

Steve moved her hand to one side and pushed in 4 fingers and began to wank her as she rubbed hard at her clit. Moaning and screaming openely now that she was going to come again as Steve pumped his spunk covered fingers deep up her red swollen cunt.

Chelle began to come and her pussy began to squirt little jets of come over Steves hand and shirt mixing with his come as he finger fucked her roughly.

Chelles orgasm made her shout and she told Steve to lick her come covered cunt as she grabbed his head and pushed it down to her sopping wet pussy. He lapped at her sucking in her little jets of come and as she died down she let him up for air and his chin was covered in dripping juices his own and Chelles.

She kissed him hungrily and licked has face clean and said to him that she would like a repeat performance some time.

Chelle then told me Steves address and we turned off the bypass to drop him off.

So when we dropped him off I quickly turned down a dark lane and got in the back with Chelle and kissed her tasting all the juices in her mouth before entering her quickly and shooting deep up her immediately.

She didn’t mind as she had already had a couple of fantastic comes and knew she was in for some more as soon as we got home.

What a dirty cum slut she is but I would not change her for the world and will let you know about some holiday sessions we have had in the recent past.