Written by ian essex

16 Feb 2005

we are normal happy couple we are 40 today 8 years ago we went to chelmsford for a night out and deceied that we would book two hotels room and see who could pull first bit of role play we both went in to gether in reds then spilt up dawn had short skirt holds ups tight top on it wasnt long i spotted her at the bar with some bloke about 40 were kissing then they walked off and sat down i stood at the bar which seemed ages and was feeling what have we done when this woman began chatting to me maggie who lived in chelmsford and was 38 she told me but looked older we had a drink and her mates looked on and we all talked i told her i was staying in a hotel has by car had broken down today so i deceiced to have a nite out we had a dance kiss and sat down right next to dawn maggie even asked r these seats spare yes said the man i didnt want to make eye contact with dawn has i notied his hand up her skirt i then began kissing maggie and felt her hand on my leg rubbing my bulge though my trousers it was about 1 am when i saw dawn and the man leave hand hand and new she was going to fuck him maggie asked me back to hers so i did we got a cab and she was soon sucking my cock has i sat on the sofa we fucked i wroke up about 8 with maggie giving me a suck tit wank till i came all over her big tits face i stayed till about 11 am and exchanged numbers agreed to meet up tonight i didnt want to go maggie dropped off to the hotel i phoned dawn she said hi u ok fine come up i went up to her room she let me in she was in a towel wot happened i said cum 2 bed i tell u i got undressed she told me wot she done i bent her over the bed fucked her hard i told her to we had a shower and got out off there has quick has possible and from that day its been our secrect she never did tell me his name was it u ?