Written by Doug

18 Jun 2005

Here we go, next instalment of my life with cock fixated Christine. (PS, thanks for the interest, and yes we’re both straight)

About a month or so after she had wanked me off and finger fucked my arse on our picnic day out we were having a wander round the sex shop looking for a new toy as a pressie for her.

We had more or less checked out all the dildo’s and vibrators and I bought her a Venus Penus, a strap-on butterfly clitoral vibrator with a small latex penis, when Christine started looking at the strap-ons. “Always wanted one of these, but he wouldn’t let me”. He being her ex. She wanted to walk around with her own cock and play at having a wank when she wanted to, but her ex said she was sick etc. A real nasty put-down merchant he was. Anyway, I told her to pick one and she picked a 7” jelly soft luminescent pink thing already in its own harness.

As I paid for them and handed the bag to her it was like watching a kid in a sweetshop and she couldn’t wait to get back home to try them on.

She dashed upstairs and I expected her to come downstairs with nothing on or carrying her pressies, but oh no, she walked into the living room wearing all her clothes but had put trousers on and with the exception of the noticeable bulge in her trousers she looked normal. She was giggling like a school kid and stood in front of me and clamped her hand to her crutch like a bloke would do and stood wiggling her hips. She pulled down her fly and pulled out her pink jelly dildo and said “Like my new cock” and started to wank it. “Touch it, go on” she said and I held it and she said let me see you wanking it and I began sliding my hand up and down. Christine urged me to keep going, she got very intense and began shuddering and shouting “Oh fuck I’m cumming” and leaned forward putting her whole body weight over me. Not bad I thought…nothing attached to her and she cums just cos I’ve rubbed a bit of jelly.

She slouched onto the sofa, her own personal cock sticking from the fly of her trousers, saying “Oh god I want one of my own” and started wanking it herself. She told me that the fantasy of having her own cock and watching it being pulled off by someone had always made her cum straight away and that part of her fantasy had just come true.

We sat for a bit and she said “Will you play in the next bit of my fantasy” and I agreed but she begged me not to do an “Ex” on her and throw a fit. She took me upstairs to the bedroom and she stripped off except for wearing her bright pink strap-on and stood in front of the long dressing mirror and beckoned me over. “I want you to suck my cock” she said, “I want to watch you sucking me”.

To be honest, I was reluctant, but I didn’t want to do to her what he did and I didn’t want to show it either so I got down on my knees and started sucking on her cock. She got into it straight away and grabbed me by the hair and started pumping in and out causing me to gag and pull back. Having never had a cock in my mouth I now knew what girlies complained about. She apologised and asked if she was being too rough “A bit” I said, but I went back to what I was doing and she started to fuck my mouth again. I was only at it a few minutes when she shuddered again screaming “Oh fuck” and tried to ram the dildo down my throat. Her knees were pressed against me and she was shuddering and still trying to thrust into me, but unlike the real thing I’d clamped my teeth round her cock so she couldn’t go any further.

Afterwards we both laid on the bed and she said “Now you” and slid her mouth onto my cock and slurped loudly as she slid up and down. She pulled her legs over me into a 69 and said “Put my cock in your mouth”. I did and she licked down my cock over my balls and onto my bum hole. With one hand she wanked my cock and with the other she fingered and licked first my balls and my arse. “Pass me the lube” she said and I reached to the drawers and gave her the bottle and she poured it round my balls and I felt it running down over my arse where she started to finger me, repeatedly asking “Nice ??”.. I was being cock sucked, ball licked and my arse probed, I think nice was a fair assumption. Then she turned and said “Can I fuck you” and I said “Yes please” and she said “No, with this” hand grasped round her new 7” cock. “You’re fucking joking, I can’t take that”, I nearly had a coronary.

At that she jumped up shouting “Wait, just wait” and unboxed the Venus Penus and strapped it on the wrong way round with the little latex cock sticking out. “What about this ??”.. I had nowhere to go. I was either like the ex or I was game. I offered to at least try, joking in a very feminine way that she be gentle with me.

She asked me to go onto all fours in front of the mirror and she got behind me and slowly fingered my bum hole while wanking me with her trembling hand constantly saying “Thankyou”…. Whatever she was doing I was getting hornier by the minute. I don’t know if it was the wanking, the bum fingering, her saying thanks all the time or the prospect of what was about to happen to me, but I told her I was just about to come and she gripped my cock real hard and very excitedly growled “Don’t you fucking dare”.

At that she knelt behind me and I tensed at what she was going to do. She realised and rubbed my balls with her lubed-up hands and begged me to relax..”Yeah, sure”… I felt the tip of the latex being rotated on my bum hole and being pushed fractionally in and out, it felt incredible and I gasped, surprising myself at the intensity of it all, and then she switched the damn thing on and pressed the tip of her pulsating cock into me and swayed my hips side to side. It was an incredible feeling made all the more intense with Christine confidently laughing and in one swift movement she pushed forward and I felt it slide into my bum. She took my breath away completely and a bolt of electricity rushed through me and I felt incredibly dirty and horny.

Christine took hold of my hips and slowly started sliding in and out of me and started to picking up pace. I lifted my head to see her in the mirror. My petite feminine Christine was transfixed, gritting her teeth, watching herself rogering me. “Like it up the arse slag” she grunted, screaming “Fucking take it all” thrust into me, pulled my hair and shouted in my ear “I’m gonna fuck you senseless”, and she did, pumping the little dildo in and out of my arse. My cock had taken on a life of its own and was twitching like crazy and without anyone touching it at all I shot my cum all over the carpet. Christine watched me shoot my load in the mirror and started shouting “Whore, you dirty whore you fucking love it don’t you” and within a few thrusts rammed forward and instantly stayed stock still groaning triumphantly “I’m filling you with my hot cum you dirty cunt”, then rammed into me again convulsing as she did, her hands shaking on my hips and then she flopped over on top of me having the loudest craziest orgasm I’d heard her have.

We stayed like that for a good few minutes before collapsing in a heap on the floor. Christine lifted herself up still breathlessly panting and looked down at me, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you” and still holding onto her little latex cock…… She seemed happy and so was I, if a little sore.