Written by B

20 Dec 2003

I only got this out of my missus earlier tonight. I feel that I must tell someone or I will explode.

I'm middle aged as is my wife, although she's over ten years younger than me. For the past few months she has been acting different, sort of withdrawn and quiet. When I have asked her, she has always said that nothing was different an that everything was fine. Tonight however, I got fed up, we'd had a few drinks and were relaxed, so I pressed her about what was wrong. At first she continued to pretend that everything was okay, I could tell that it wasn't, and I began to get abit annoyed. Seeing this she finally came clean.

Some months ago my wife had needed to take extra time off. The company she works for have very strict rules about absence. Not allowing any time off unless as a result of the employee's illness. My wife had been to see her manager, and virtually pleaded with him to allow her the extra time off. After going on and on he'd finally relented and let her be off for the required period.

She had returned to work once the crisis was passed and thought no more about it. About a month or so after she had returned however, her manager, married and in his fifties, came over to where she was working and asked her to come and see him at the end of the day, before leaving. This she did. Her manager went and locked the main door, leaving her in his office. On his return he chatted about work for abit before broaching the subject of the extra leave, telling my wife how he had had to cover for her and how if head office found out he would also be in trouble for going against the company's rules. My wife thanked him very much, her manager however kept going on about how he had put himself on the spot on her behalf. My wife responded that she was grateful and M cut in, saying "How grateful?" and my wife answered that she was very grateful and if she ever could she would do him a favour, M responded instantly with " Actually you can... that is if you mean it" Realising that she had talked herself into a corner my wife asked how? Swollowing nervously M told my wife how he had always admired her figure! Continuing he made light of his comments saying how the company unifom did nothing to flatter the female staff. Apparently fearing the answer, my wife asked again what M wanted. He responded that he'd always wanted to see her breasts, ever since a previous Christmas party, where she had worn a fairly low cut dress. He quickly started again aout how he'd helped her and put himself in trouble if caught and in the end my wife agreed. Stepping out of the line of sight from the office window, my wife slowly undid her uniform jacket, she paused for a minute before continuing, letting her fingers find the top button of her uniform blouse. My wife undid the buttons, one after another, being urged on by her manager. until her blouse hung loose fully undone, her pale blue bra peeking thru the opening "Oh yes, very nice" M enthused, "Go on then.... don't stop at the best bit" M encouraged my wife, as she, reaching behind her unclasped her bra after a brief moments pause. Her manager was breathing heavily as he instructed her to take the bra off, which she did,exposing her 36" breasts with their circular brown nipples, stiffening in the cool air, to her manager's lustful gaze. Following his instructions she crossed to the desk where he sat, keeping out of sight from the window. As she rounded the desk my wife told me that she could see the bulge, straining inside his trousers, as he got her to lean forward allowing M to, almost timidly, touch her breasts, stroking and rubbing them, teasing her nipple between finger and thumb. "Now you" M ordered my wife "What do you mean?" she asked, abit bemused. "Well.. we can't leave the poor chap strangling in there, can we?" her manager answered, indicating the bulge in his suit slacks. Bending forward again my wife freed M's hard erection. "We can't leave it like that can we?" M said, somewhat playfully.

"We can't?" my wife replied guessing were this was leading.

"No, I don't think so, I'd be too uncomfortable driving home in this state" M replied. and so it was, whilst her manager fondled my wife's breasts, she rubbed his stiff erection until he finally, with a gasp shot his climax all over my wifes hand.

This wasn't the end by any means... merely the beginning of the adventure.