Written by Twisted - Sister

25 Dec 2003

Christmas Eve started out by receiving three e-mail's from young guys who were interested in meeting up, so I arranged to meet all three in the one evening.

I arranged that one should stand in the doorway of Halifax bank, another in the doorway of the health food shop and the third in the job centre doorway.

One did not bother to turn up or even bother to text me with an apology, the second one sent me a text saying that he was not in to guys so he would not be meeting me, god only knows why these guys read these stories and not know what a trannie is?, anyway the third one turned up but in no way was the picture he sent a recent one it must have been taken at least ten years ago.

Anyway one cock in the hand was worth more than the other two who could not make it, as it was quite warm we sat for a while in the square in Shrewsbury, but while we were chatting about this that and the other he kept fidgeting and it did not take me long to find out why he was up to, instead of a night out with me he had just turned up to see what I was like while touching my leg he was tossing him self off.

This pissed me off so much I reached across and garbed hold of his balls and didn't he jump, somehow I do not think he will be back intouch with me.

In the pub I was sat having a drink and making it look quite obvious to a couple of Asian looking guy's that I was up for anything.

I told them I had to get my car to go home so the older one asked if he could walk me to the car park so I agreed and we set off, in a quite side street he pined me against the wall and told me that he knew what I was out to get, then he tried lifting my skirt while pushing himself against me trying to stick his hand in my knickers. I was just waiting for the scream instead he started to masturbate me, so groping to the best of my ability I managed to get his out.

He told me that he knew what I was as soon as he laid eyes on me and he said it was the blue wig that gave me away, so he asked me back to his place which was a right dive with a number of other young guys living there a good job I had a good supply of condoms.

I did not sleep a wink all night just in case some one decided that they should have sex without a condom.

I left the guys at about 9 am to get home to prepare lunch, as I had a couple of friends coming over for a few hours we had lunch.

After lunch I and my guests went out for a walk with the dogs to the highest point around here to look over Shrewsbury.

When my guests left I had a neighbours drop in to give me a special present from him and for a good ten minutes or so he was on his hands and knees, No he was not praying.

Boxing day I have a few small jobs to do around the house, then I thought I would take a trip up to one or two of the dogging areas just to see what is happening, so if any young guy from Wrexham or Crewe are up for fun, then you know where I will be for a couple of hours.