Written by noel

2 Jan 2007

Christmas eve was always for our family to sit and watch tv with our young children waiting for santa. BUT this christmas eve was different. Ever since my wife started a new job she has grown attatched to lisa. Now lisa is a lovely girl blonde pretty but a total slapper. my wife is dark hair size 8 pitite 29 has met loads of men since being friends with her but has only gone as far as heavy snogging. i know this because lifes too short and she has my permission to play arround but shes waiting for a good moment. not sure christmas eve was the best but out she went. while we settled down to watch tv she was having a bath and getting ready. thigh stilleto boots crouchless fish nets denim micro mini tiny top total slut. its cool i like her to dress nice not as if shes the only one dressed like that.8:30 lisa calls for her 9:00 shes down the pub. 10:00 Christmas day she staggers home a right state. tatty ladders in her fishnets spunk everywhere. Bit unfair to the kids where you been.

She had been chatted up with lisa but 11:00ish lisa left with a bloke . my wife thought now or never and left with a bloke called ben. they went back to bens where he slowly suduced my wife . She gave hime lots of oral swallowed a fair bit and went on to fuckking him all night long. she had him pump load after load of cum right into her and they fell asleep for a couple of hours. then she awoke pulled her pink lace knickers up to hold in all the cum and run across town. what a sight that must have been , some slag running back to her family on christmas morning looking like shed had a good night.

She was full of sorrys and ill make it up to you . so christmas was on hold for half an hour more while i gave her one last seeing to . Now that was very good she was soaking but i had to have a good lick and then felt my cum mix together with his. we made good of christmas but what a sult i married.