Written by AlwaysAvailable4cock

26 Dec 2004

I hadn't visited the well known park toilet for a few months now but I decided to pop in there on the way home from the pub and I had made sure I wore some sexy undies/suspender belts and had given my legs a good smooth shave and I changed in a cubicle and waited to see if anyone turned up.I was about to leave when I heard footsteps enter the toilet and I looked underneath the door to see a short old man wearing a long black mac and I half opened the cubicle as he stood at the urinal peeing and he turned round and asked who was there and I then pushed the door wide open and let my coat fall opene so he saw my stockings and suspenders with my erect cock sticking up he walked towards me and I could see his cock growing and once he shut the door I went to my knees and took his hairy covered cock in my mouth and sluroed and gobbled as he called me a slut whore and cock sucker I inhaled his sweaty smell and pulled his trousers all the way down and sucked him fully erect and bent over the toilet basin and he rammed his cock up my moist arse which had been lubed whilst I waited for someone to arrive and he was fucking me hard I was screaming out for him to fuck me harder and he said he wished his wife would let him fuck her arse and he didn't last long and shot his wad up my arse and as he removed his cock spunk ran down my legs.He asked me if I had a mobile number as he wanted fuck me again and I told him and he wandered off.I closed the door and sat on the toilet play with my arse and licking my fingers that I had stuck up my spunk filled hole.

After about 15 minutes I heard voices and looked underneath the door and saw two young men of about 18/19 go into the cubicle next door and I could soon hear moaning and I decided to push a note underneath the divide saying there was a slut next door looking for young cocks and soon they were knocking and one was kissing my lips whilst the other was sucking my cock.

Soon I was naked and sat on the toilet sucking off Rick who had a huge cock which I struggled to get in my mouth and he had two huge bollocks the size of tennis balls and I knew he would spurt a lot of cream down my throat and I suqeezed his balls hard just as he warnd me and he ejaculated all over my face but I managed to drink a quite a bit down.

Lee asked if he could fuck my arse and I just bent over and helpoed him get his small cock inside me and although he was small he was rough and he pulled hard on my nipples and lasted longer than Rick and I egged him on telling him how good he felt in my tight arse and he pulled me closer and kissed my neck and gave me a couple of love bites to remember him by and shot his sticky goo up me and slowly remeoved his shrinking cock and they both left.I lay there for about 20 minutes covered in spunk from head to toe and then got some tissues and got home around 3.00 in the morning and just fell into bed and got a didlo pout of the cabinet and got on all fours and fucked myself real hard withall the spunk inside my arse and licked it off and dropped off to slee with a broad smile on my face.