Written by joanne and peter

22 Sep 2003

joanne had allways been a bit of an exhibitionist , wearing clothes that where too short and revealing for her size 22 and 44 inch breasts ,and is so flirty its unreal

this particular day we where xmas shopping , joanne had wore her black mini skirt and white blouse, no underwear or bra , showing off as usual , as soon as we walked in the supermarket off she went tottering along the shelves , making her arse and breasts wobble as she walked , there was i walking about 10 yds behind , watching the guys turn their heads and make comments as joanne passed them ,

as jo reached the lemonade shelves she began to reach up , allowing her allready short skirtto rise even higher , a guy went to help her , the smile on his face said it all , he was stood within 6 inches of joannes cunt and swinging breasts and was giving it loads , the cheeky fucker even said that she would catch her death in clothes like that in this weather ,

anyway they began to chatand from what i heared joanne was going foir a coffee after theshopping had been done , and she had invited this guy roger because he had helped her,as normal i was left atthe till to bag and pay for the goods we had bought , with it being close to xmas the queues was awfull , i was waiting a good 20 minutes ,

by the the timei had reached the cafateria area there was joanne and this guy roger enjoying a coffee and a cigarette together , joannes nipples where clearly visable through the white blouse and roger couldnt take his eyes off them they whereboth chatting about xmas and what fun they where going to have during the holiday ,

it was then that roger told joanne that he was a single guy and that this would be his 1st xmas alone , i was stood there about 10 minuetes listening to my wife firting with this guy she had just met , then to put the icing on the cake joanne said i would drive him home and help him with his shopping into his house ,

i remember saying to joanne , why dont you fuck him too , her reply was aw shut up its nearly xmas , wheres your spirit ,

we drove to rogers home and as i wasgetting out to help with his bags joanne shoutedto me , its ok pete ill give roger a hand with his bags , you turn the car around and ill be out in 5 minutes,

after about 15 minutes i walked to the door , it wasslightly open , i could hear voices coming from the kitchen , there wasjoanne legs spread wide and roger giving her a good fucking doggy style, joanne was loving every minute of it groaning and squeeling , gripping ontothe kitchen table as he rammed his cock into my wife, at that pointi should had been really angry and punched the guys lights out , but i didnt ,

i stood there watching them fucking , as he was ravaging my wife, fucking her from behind both his hands where clamped onto her breasts ,and she was loving every inch of his hard cock, as it slid in and out of my wifes juicy cunt , joannebegan to shout ohhhhhhh r o g e r im cuming , fuck me harder , fuck me hunny, fuck my cunt , fill me with your spunk , as sooin as she finished speaking rogers thrusting began to get faster and faster ,longer

he was fucking her deeper and deeper with every speedy thrust until she had cum and it was dripping from her cunt , onto her legs and spurting down onto the kitchen floor , roger then clamped his hands onto joannes breasts and was heaving into her sopping wet cunt , with one almighty thrust he sank deep into her cunt and explored inside her cunt , allowing every drop to be taken ,

at this point i went back to the car, nursing my biggestand hardest and hard on ive ever had , joanne came from the house and stood there whilst roger gave her a xmas kiss on the cheek , and then he said thank for your help ,we ll have to do this again , i knew he didnt mean the shopping , and so did joanne ,

whilst driving home i noticed that joanne had lost a button from her blouse and she was showing plenty of cleavage as we drove home , i asked why she had been so long in rogers house , she replied , hes a nice guy you should take a leaf from his book and treat a lady like a lady should be treat ,

i pulled over to the layby and told joanne what i had seen and that i had seen roger and her fucking in the kitchen , and if thats what she wants , then she can have it ,

the trips to the super market are still the same , joanne has fucked roiger 3 more times since last xmas and we areboth into the swinging and dogging scene now and having a great time sharing with other couples and selected single guys in the hull area