Written by pennylane

11 Aug 2005

It was saturday afternoon when we went into the adult cinema in huddersfield .going in from the sunshine the place seemed even darker.We made our way to our seats.the film was of a woman and four men and she was having a gang bang.my boyfriend started rubbing the inside of my leg getting higher up my leg untill he had his fingers on my now very wet pussy.At this point one or two men started swopping seats one came and sat next to me and one beheind me he put his hand on my leg working his way up to my pussy start away his fingers went right into my pussy.the bloke behind was now play with my tits this had not gone unnoteiesd by others who came over for a closer look at what was going on.There were hands all over me they removed my shirt and skirt my boyfreind asked me if i was ok i told him yes i was loving ever thing that was going on.I had a cock in each hand and fingers were being pushed up my pussy and my arse.one block asked my boyfriend if he could fuck my he said yes with a condom .I kneelt down so he could fuck me from behind his cock was only small and he only lasted about two minuts all this time i was sucking on cock after cock when a black block asked could he do me.up till this point in my life i'v never had a black cock my boyfriend said do you want to try my mouth been full of cock i nodded i could fell the head pushing at my hole god it seamed big then it was in he took his time pushing more and more into me then he stared to fuck me long and hard i was like a rag doll on that big cock .i could fell his balls banging on my arse sa i pushed ever inch right up me .he said he was coming i told him to take it out a shoot it in my mouth i love cum but i was not ready for this much cum hard as i tryed i could not swallow it all it went over my face tits in my hair every where.after he had finished i got a look at his cock and even as it was going soft it was still a good eight inch long and very thick. I made my way to the toilet to clean up and got other fucking in the toilet .i made my way back to my boyfriend put on my clothes and left.On our way home my boyfreind asked my about the black block i told him he was the best fuck i'd ever had and i'd like to fuck him again .good he said because he had been asked to bring me to a party in leeds in two weeks time.I can't wait because he was the best ever cock much much better the my boyfriends small white dick ever time i play with myself its that black cock i think of .this time i want to fuck him and fell all that spunk right up me