Written by Raymond.

20 May 2004

A few ago I went to divallys cinema in glasgow.I had heard about it,it was at the back of a lap-dancing club and was a cinema untill 9 at night.I paid my money and went through the bar to the cinema.Lots of guys there but no couples.A good fuck film was on and many guys were wanking and a few sucking others.I went back to the bar for a drink.I sat down and rested for a while.I saw a couple come in.The got drinks and sat down at a table near mr.The guy got up and went through the doors to the cinema.Came back a while later and they then moved over to my table.Can we join you he said.The woman went to the toilet.I talked to the guy and he said they were up for some fun and did I want to join them in the cinema for a while.I said of course.The woman came back and sat down.We all chatted for a while and John said to Katy that I was up for some fun too.Lets go she said,I'm horny.We went into the cinema and sat down in the middle.Katy sat in the middle of us and we watched the film.John placed his hand on Katys keg and rose up her skirt.She had on stockings but no panties.She opened her legs and told me to finger her pussy.She was horny as hell and soaking wet.A few guys crowded round and started to lean in on us which made Katy a little uneasy.Kohn said,do you want to go which Katy replied,yes.I thought,well it was fun.Come on John said,lets go back to our place.I couldn't beleive my luck.I followed them back home and we went inside.Katy went to change and John put on a video.It was of Katy with another woman.A black girl with enourmous tits.It's a friend of ours John said.You like her? Fucking sexy I said,you can meet her if you want Katy said.She had returned just wearing stockings and shoes.She has big breasts too and her pussy is shaved.Fuck her John said.Can I film you? No problem I said and Katy and I got down to the dirtiest time I have had.I fucked her every way,sucked her pussy and even fucked her arse too.I filmed them fucking too and it made me hard again to fuck her again.I met them again,but they soon moved away.Would love to meet other couples in the glasgow area into horny fun.Big girls very welcome !! If you liked this story,let me know,I have more to tell what happened with Joy the black girl.