Written by The happy birthday boy

14 Aug 2005

My wife is a really good looking woman, she loves attention loves to dress for the occasion. So when my birthday comes around she likes to give me a treat. Dressed in a dark blue chinese style dress, black hold ups and high heels we set off to a soho sex cinema. Now the wife was wearing a long black raincoat for the journey, so she sits at the cinema's bar and has a few bacardi and cokes, lights a cigarette and then sweeps into the dark cinema removing her coat as she slowly walks down the aisle. Her eyes light up as she starts to see men wanking themselfs and we settle in to seat in an empty row.

The show begins, first she undoes my belt then my trouser flies undoes my shirt buttons, rubbing my chest and stomach slowly working down to my cock which is now bolt up right straining at the leash, her finger enclose my shaft gently moving up and down her thumb rubs around the base of my helmet we kiss with abandon, then slowly she licks and kisses down my chest gently biting my nipples lower lower her head dips then her warm wet lips engulf my penis, her head bobs up and down up and down. I open my eyes and we are surrounded by guys most holding their cocks rubbing themselfs, up she comes looks around and her eyes sparkle at the sight of so many stiff cocks.

She rises to her feet hikes up her dress to show that there are no panties, turns to face the screen she begins the decent of her wet warm pussy down towards my rampant cock, gently she impales herself on my straining rod.

Very slowly easing herself up and down on my now enflamed tool, she looks around herself in control the queen of all the cocks her eyes fall upon. A young hansome guy about 19 20 years old is beckoned over she reaches out with her right hand and grasps his now raging cock and starts to rub and stimulate it,then with her left she drags her nails gently and slowly under his ball bag. With a wicked laugh she rolls a fruit flavoured condom down his shaft and then engulfs his fruity delight with her lovely warm wet mouth sucking greedly still rising up and down riding me to a wonderful rapture of head exploding climax aaarrghhhh!!!!!!!!

The young man now finds he can't hold back and spills his cum letting out a cry of animal gratification, he slumps back leaning on the back of the seats behind him.

This wild temptress leans forward grabs the young mans teeshirt pulls him to her and kisses him hotly on the lips, she rises grabs a towel from my bag and wipes herself between the legs. reach down she pulls out a packet of cigarettes from her raincoat pocket takes out a cigarette light it draws deeply, then looking round and smiling she says (I need a drink, but don't worry boys I'll be back after a couple of barcardi and cokes).