Written by bi guy yorks

24 Feb 2005

At the age of 40 its funny how you look back on your life when you meet some one from the past. As a teenager I was one of the leaders of a large gang of formidable tearaways who used to make the lives of the local residents and kids a misery. One lad in particular who we knick named “Mary” got nothing but grief from all of us but me in particular. Most of my mates have been married and like myself have got divorced and just date or shag when we get the opportunity. It was on one of the lads nights out that we called into a pub in the next village only to discover that the bloke who owned it was Mary.

Whilst most of us were quite ashamed of the treatment that we had dished out over the years one of the gang had had a bit too much to drink and started calling him Mary again. Not wanting to get kicked out we bundled the gobby twat in a taxi and got shut of him and apologised to mary who allowed us to stay and thanked us for getting rid of the arsehole.

As the night went on we were all chatting to mary (who’s real name I cant remember) and he turned out to be a really top bloke. One by one the old fuddy duddy regulars went home until there was just the five of us and mary left. Mary said he had had a great time catching up and having a laugh with us and would we like to stay for a lock in?

It must have been a good hour later before I noticed how much time I had spent admiring Mary’s arse. It was really small and cute and he had a good body on him too, sort of small but muscular. Being a bit worse for drink I started to apologise over and over for being such a bastard to him in the past and what a shit time he must have had as a kid. He told me not to worry and that he had actually enjoyed the attention, he said if you think about it I had had lots of opportunity to keep out of your way if I had wanted to.

Mary then asked where baz was as he had gone to the bog ages ago and hadn’t returned. Mary went to check on him and I carried on talking to Mick. It wasn’t long before I noticed that Philip was missing too so I went to the bog to find everyone. As I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes there was BAZ on his knees sucking Mary’s cock while Mary was getting fucked by Philip. It was the most horny sight I have ever seen. I couldn’t stop myself I just took out my prick and started wanking it. Suddenly Mary grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me towards him and started to suck me I was in fucking ecstasy. What we were doing was totally disgusting but I was as turned on as fuck.

I didn’t know that baz had got up off the floor till I saw him pushing philip out of the way and as soon as I saw Mary’s arse swallow bas’s cock I just shot my load in Mary’s mouth. God I was shooting for ages but Mary sucked on regardless and I stayed rock hard.

Baz fucked Mary really hard and fast and finally pulled out groaning like fuck while shooting huge wads all over Mary’s ring and cheeks. Philip then entered mary again squelching as his cock pummelled his cum saturated arse he fucked him furiously for what seemed like ages. Mary’s legs were shaking like fuck and he could barely stand without holding on to my hips. It was just as Mick walked in that philip pumped his load deep in mary with the last few hard thrusts.

I just had to go next, nothing could have stopped me I almost threw philip off mary and positioned myself against his half open hole. My head was throbbing, my balls were throbbing but most of all my prick was throbbing. I found myself pausing for a second while I looked down at Mary’s beautiful round cute arse his cheeks still wet and sticky as I gripped them. His ring twitching with anticipation it dribbled with pearly white spunk which dropped to the floor with a splat! Guilt suddenly rushed over me and I started to feel hot and light headed. Suddenly Mary just shouted out “for god sake fuck me, fuck me I’ve waited for your cock for twenty five years fuck me. I felt so sick and perverted but my throbbing cock took control of my head and forced itself against his hole. My eyes were closed because I wanted to experience the feeling more than the sight of being inside a mans arse. It was fucking unbelievable it felt like his arse was on fire and the rubbing sensation caused by his hole being full of sticky spunk just sent me over the edge I must have only managed about 10 or 15 wild strokes before I shot my load deed inside him. I was absolutely exhausted and my legs felt like jelly.

I started to panic, mary had collapsed on the floor. Mick picked him up and looked really pissed off I thought mick was going to kick shit out of him so I followed as he almost dragged Mary back into the pub. Mick dropped Mary on the floor on his back and tore away at his own pants to reveal his own hard cock and throwing Mary’s legs over his shoulder plunged his prick inside him it was like the rest of us hard and fast and I wasn’t able to tell if mary was enjoying it or not he was just whipping his head from side to side and groaning his cock was totally limp but soaked with pre cum. Finally mick grunted like an animal as his spunk mixed with ours and sweat dripped from his forehead onto Mary’s .

We all just sat or laid there exhausted, panting, sweating until mary started to laugh then philip then the rest of us joined in. What a fucking night that was. We tried to recreate it many times but it never matched up we were just like animals. It was just the right time and right situation and although nothing is ever said I know that we all loved every minute of fucking sissy mary.