Written by Clare's guy

6 Jan 2007

My g/f Clare is 22, 5'6" with ginger hair and 34 c, 22 34 and plays badminton so she is fit. She offered to stand in for her friend, Sandra, on a strip gig (Sorry, exotic dance) at a

hotel on Dec 28. Clare has done the odd one now and then when she was at college to pay for stuff.

On arrival the host of the little bash asked her about the performance. When he said is it the whole thing she thought it meant naked!

Twenty odd men were ready to see Clare get out of the nurse outfit. Second dance, evening dress. All went well until she sat on a knee to get the guy to undo the thong. Clare's cunny was damp as she was having fun so two fingers went straight in.

The thumb on her clit was the killer, she came, groaning it out loudly. The fingers and thumb kept it up and she lost control. All she had on now was heeled shoes as she was laid back on the table.

Very quickly her nipples were being chewed and her legs lifted up and apart. The first of loads of cocks went all the up her and she was fucked stupid for ages. She thinks maybe a dozen of them had her cunny, a few took her anal cherry well away, a few came in her mouth and on her tits.

Clare was so carried away she was calling them to fuck her harder and faster every time she had the breath.

After Clare had showered in the changing room the guests had gone but the manager came in and fucked her before she dressed. She LOVED it. now she has a taste for it.

Last night we tried dogging. With three men outside the transit getting cold I fucked her on the seat. I then asked if she wanted more and she said that was why we were there.

I got out and asked the three men if they wanted a go and they all did. I opened Clare's door, "Get your dirty hole in the back of the van so these men can fuck it you slut, and make sure you get them all to come off!" She beamed a smile.

In the back was an old inflatable mattress that she laid on. As the first one fucked her, he was about fifty five in a grubby track suit and coat, the youger one, twenties in jeans and hoodie asked if she was after more. We made a call. Number two was also fifty odd and had a dirty rain mac over jeans and a pullover, Clare sreamed out a cum with the first and the second then the younger took over. He had Clare the back bending over into the van and fucked her like that as a car pulled in. Five more about our age got out and one said to the one up Clare, "Thats nice George, who's is it?" I was pointed out and the new guy said "Wants more does she, no sweat mate, we'll shag the bitch bandy for you!" And they did.

The first of the five just took her as she was but the rest pulled out the mattress on to the ground and spit roast her. Then everyone went round again. Clare came so much she was like a drunk, totally out of it, just tuned in to one big cum for ages. The one in the mac stayed close all the time calling Clare all sorts of things in a quiet sort of voice and really got off on doing that. It felt wierd fucking Clare with all that cum in her.

When everyone was finished I got two to help me get Clare in the van. They wanted to fuck her some more so I asked a very tired Clare. She said "Whatever" in a far away voice so we went to Simon's place. He has a small flat and we put clare on the floor in the sitting room and had a drink while she dozed like she had in the van. We put on a porn dvd and stripped Clare again. Simon got a towel and flannel to clean her up a bit and we spent most of the rest of the night with Simon, Glen and me putting load after load up Clare.

I put her to bed this morning about six after we showered together and I got up about One o'clock. When I say up, I put a load up her first and she hardly moved, just enough for me to get all the way in from behind as she lay on her side.

I will wake her up later and fuck her again before dinner. She has become almost an instant slut after that mistake she made.