Written by Tom

16 Jun 2004

As the time neared for my wife's class reunion, she started working out and trying to loose a few pounds. I don't know why, she looks great. I also noticed she was a little more hotter in bed while we were making love. I also knew that, for some reason black men were attracted to my wife. She would often come home from work and tell me about a black guy hitting on her. This started out as our little fantasy that we shared in bed. Just a few weeks before the reunion, she told me that she had dated a black guy in school and that she had found him very good looking. Of course this peaked my interest and I wanted to know more. That night as we were having sex, I asked her if she had fucked her black friend. She said no, but that they had kissed and he had felt her up and that she had pulled his cock out. She said his cock was very thick and long and she got real excited but they didn't fuck. As we talked about it her pussy got very hot and wet and I asked her if she had ever thought about fucking him. She said she had and wanted to know if I wanted my fantasy about her fucking a black cock to come true! When she said that, I started cumming in her wet pussy and told her I wanted that very much. She told me later that night that he had actually called her and wanted to know if she were coming to the reunion. She said yes and had agreed to meet him at the airport. I couldn't believe she had all this planned, but the more we talked about it, the more excited we both become. She wanted to know if he could stay with us while he was in town. I agreed and we also agreed we wouldn't have sex (about a week) any more until after he arrived. Needless to say, we were both aroused and worked up over the prospect of our fantasy coming true. The day we went to pick him up at the airport, my wife dressed in a short red skirt and tight white blouse without a bra. You could just see her nipples through the cloth. She wore a pair of white thong panties and short spiked heels. She looked fantastic. She got a lot of attention at the airport and I got the shock of my life when, Jarrod got off the plane and my wife greeted him with a kiss and hug. He was a nice looking man, well dressed and looked in great shape. We introduced ourselves and headed back home. We decided to stop by a bar on the way home and have a few drinks to relax everyones nerves. Jarrod was the perfect gentleman and I was looking forward to the evenings events. I had to excuse myself from the table after a few drinks and make a trip to the bathroom. When I returned I saw that my wife and Jarrod hadn't wasted any time getting reaquainted. He had his arm around her shoulders and she was looking into his eyes and her hand was on this thigh. When I returned to the table he asked me if I was ok with him staying with us. I told him I was and that my wife had told me interesting things about him. He laughed and told me that he found my wife more exciting and beautiful now than any time he had known her. We headed back home and showed Jarrod his room and let him settle in. We were waiting down stairs when I told my wife I thought she should go up and make sure our guest had everything he needed. She raised her eyebrows and asked me if I meant everything. I pulled her to me and kissed her and put my finger under her thong and could already feel her pussy was hot and wet. She looked me in the eye and told me that I should give her a few moments, she wanted to shower and then check in on our guest. I gave it a while and went upstairs and checked our bedroom and found it empty. The shower was empty, but I saw two piles of clothes, my wife's and Jarrod's. I went to the guest room with a raging hard on and opened the door. My wife was standing naked in front of a naked Jarrod. They weren't kissing,she was looking up at him and although his cock wasn't hard it was semi-erect and against her belly. They looked at me and smiled and I told Jarrod that I wanted him to fuck my wife while I watched. My wife groaned as he took her in his arms and kissed her. She wrapped her hand around his thick black cock and started stroking it. His cock got hard almost immediately. It was quite impressive, at least 9 inches long and very thick. She got down on her knees and started sucking his cock. He was soon moaning and holding her head between his hands. I had my clothes off and watched the action as I stroked my hard cock. My wife stopped long enough to look over at me and smile. She then told Jarrod to lie back on the bed. His cock looked like a tent pole sticking straight up in the air! As he laid back my wife straddled his face and he ate her pussy as she reached back and continued to stroke his hard cock. She asked him if he had thought about fucking her all these years and I heard him mumble yes! She started bucking on his face and came as he continued to eat her pussy. She release herself from him and laid back on the bed and told him she had never forgot taking his cock out and had regreted not fucking him that night. With that she spread her legs as wide as she could and told him she wanted him to fuck her and make up for the lost time. Jarrod grabbed his long black cock and rubbed the big head up and down her wet slit, making her moan and she began begging him to fuck her with his black cock. As he entered her, he told her he knew she would be a hot fuck with a wet pussy. He didn't have any trouble sinking his thick cock to the hilt in her wet pussy. Once it was in he didn't waste any time fucking her as hard as he could with her yelling his name and telling him to fuck her harder and faster. He lasted much longer that I imagined and storked her for at least twenty minutes as she continued to have mulitple orgasams. I finally heard him start to groan and he told her to open her legs wide so he could give her his hot come. She spread her legs wide open and he shoved his cock in one last time and I heard him say 'take my cum in your hot pussy'! My wife locked her legs around his back and humped him back until she yelled out she felt his hot cum in her pussy and that she was cumming again. It took them awhile to untwine, but when they did, I immediately spread her legs and fucked her as hard as I could in her gapping, cum filled pussy.