Written by Anonymous

10 Feb 2019

Club Night Out

Many moons ago a little nightclub existed nearby called Majestics that my wife and I use to frequent to save us going into the city, cheap booze and good music was always on the cards and thankfully it had both, along with a surprise neither of us was expecting on out Saturday night out.

Aubrey was a small and pert beauty of a woman with a huge smile and deep dark eyes that any unsuspecting guy would lose himself in, and on this night her glow-in-the-dark top and black cargo pants showed off her smooth curves and pert nips while she eagerly danced near the stage to the beat of the trance music.

The bar gave a great view of the dance floor and while I was being served people started to flood in for the night, filling up the tables and dance floor with new bodies jumping to the beat, so with drinks in hand I made my way to one of the last free tables and sipped my drink while looking around for my girl, who I eventually spotted dancing with a few people.

I danced on the spot keeping an eye on the drinks and saw my girl making her way through the crowd towards me, smiling that smile with a huge spark in her eyes. She loves to dance and many a person has stopped to simply watch her do so, but now she had a friend in tow making his way closely behind. She hugged me tight and kissed me before taking her drink and introduced me to her new friend Iain, asking if it was ok to dance with him some more "Cause he was really good!" she said.

Iain and I shook hands and I replied "Yeah sure, go have fun" since I'm not a jealous guy and seeing her having a good time always did make me smile. They both wandered back into the crowd dancing while I sipped my drink some more and watched the crowd, then started to dance on the periphery and enjoy the music. I slowly got lost in the beat as the warmth of the alcohol started.

A few songs later and a quick bathroom visit I found myself looking around once again for Aubrey, checking the crowd on the dance floor and seeing nothing, then the sitting and bar area, still nothing so I wandered out to the foyet and unexpectedly saw her and Iain holding each other close while she whispered into his ear with him staring back with a wanting gaze.

She noticed me approach and said something to him before detatching herself and walking up to me with a puzzled look, "Iain said he really likes me and wants to take me home for the night. I told him we're married, but he keeps saying it's just sex". She stared back at me, then at Iain a few meters behind her before adding "..and I think I'd really like to well". This took me aback as my fuzzy mind strained to make sense of what I was just told.

"Would it be ok?" she asked while holding my hands, "He doesn't mind if you come as well, just sex, you can watch", almost with a sense of pleading in her eyes. Again my mind scrambled for an answer and it felt like she really wanted to do this, and she did ask my permission so I felt in my mind that it was alright and replied "Ok, one night only, and I'll watch", which made her smile and hug me tight before she spun around and told him the good news.

A quick cab ride later and we arrived at his house, all the while he stared at Aubrey and held her close beside him, almost in anticipation of what was to come. He paid the cab eagerly and we all went inside and mde ourselves comfortable, myself on the chair and the new couple chilling on the big sofa together. He reached over and put on a cd for ambiance and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and nodded, beer in hand as his reached over and took hold of my girl and pulled her closer.

They started kissing, making out so softly but hungrily as hands moved all over, holding one another and migrating to soft touches of her breasts while she rested her hands on his thighs, then her hands moving onto his zipper to unfasten and unbutton his trousers while he nuzzled her neck and placed his lips all over her soft skin. She raised her arms allowing him to remove her top and expose her pert breasts before suckling on her nipples and making her gasp.

Minutes later his own t-shirt dropped to the floor then his jeans and boxers with assistance from my wifes tiny hands, and his larger hands tugging at her own bottoms and removing them slowly while kissing his way from breast to navel, inner thigh, both breathing hard in excitement and anticipation. They lay together naked on the sofa with arms wrapped around each another, kissing so passionately as skin touched skin and his cock throbbed underneath her.

All of this I watched with a buzz in my head, engrossed in the show as if watching a movie, and entirely turned on by the story unfolding in front of me. Never would I have thought my wife would want to bed another, but the fantasy of it excites me, and now my fantasy was actualized. I sipped my drink and watched on.

Gentle moans started to fill the room alongside the music, the kissing abated while his hands caressed her buttocks, her own hand sliding down his torso and grasping his cock, it was truly engorged and massive as she hungrily bent over and wrapped her lips around the head. He groaned loudly almost thrusting upwards while Aubrey pleasured him, flicking her tongue over his sensitive organ and pumping it now and again between her fingers.

He bucked a few times almost releasing his orgasm but somehow managed to stop it from erupting entirely and looked into her eyes and beckoned her to come back up, she did so slowly and once there kissed so passionately. He whispered "I want to pleasure you, straddle my head" with a smile on his face. She knelt either side of him and slid her way up the sofa, caressing his dick with her wet mound and playfully teasing before moving all the way up, thighs either side of his face and him hungrily licking, kissing and making her gasp with pleasure.

I could hear him humming below her, tasting her madly while vibrating like her favourite toy and causing her to buck wildly on top. She came hard and wet and broke into a huge smile as she did, lowering herself down once again and laying on top of him, kissing, caressing and wriggling, all the while smiling and sliding her soaked pussy against his stiff cock below.

The whispering continued once again, some unheard but the odd phrase I could hear, "Let's fuck!" he mouthed as she kissed his chest, she nodded and replied "Yeah! you got a condom?". For a moment he looked puzzled, "I don't use them, too tight" he murmered before looking back at me then at her once more. I fumbled inside my wallet and retrieved one of my own which was a large fit since I'm a pretty large boy myself, and was more than willing for him to use it.

Passing her the condom she ripped open the packed with her teeth and found his cock, sliding it on slowly and snugly before lowering her head and sucking him once again, working the length and pushing the condom down more and more with each suckle. He groaned again as she pulled herself up to straddle him, sliding along his length and inserting the head inside her hot and eager pussy. She grinded on top a little before leaning forward and making out, his arms holding and caressing her as they made what looked like slow sensual love to one another.

They both managed to roll around onto their sides, still fucking slowly as she made her way to the bottom and wrapped her legs around him tight, pulling his ass closer with her heels, driving him deep inside. He started to thrust harder and with each one loud moans escaped them both filling the air. he held her legs either side and fucked her harder and faster, I could see his massive cock slip inside her tight little pussy and with each thrust I found myself getting more excited.

Once again Aubrey bucked and orgasmed hard, moaning so sexually as she pulled him down and kissed him passionately, wrapping both her arms and legs around him and holding him against her. He continued thrusting while muffled gasps escaped their kiss, mouths and bodies locked in embrace. I found this sight of this hugely erotic, locked together almost as one.

Lips locked and eyes making the occasional contact he eventually slowed and came so hard, gasping as he did releasing his fluids. Aubrey groaned and held onto him tightly, his cock ever so still now and buried deep inside her as both breathed hard while kissing. Their bodies glistened as he slid out gently, then back in again, and out, and in. My god, quick recovery for his part and disbelief on mines as he started making slow love to my wife.

Her head rolled to the side and she looked at me and smiled, ecstasy filler her expression as she eventually orgasmed and shuddered beneath his muscular body, all the while he moved back and forth between her legs with passion and eventually came again. The sound of sex filled the air, loud gasps, sultry moans and slick wet noises as they coupled together and slowed, then stopping as they lay there motionless wrapped in one another exhausted.

After a while they both roused and decoupled and I couldn't help notice the stream of white slick cum covering his semi-hard cock and oozing from my wifes cunt, it dripped onto the sofa and Aubrey looked unperturbed. She slowly stood up from the sofa and with shakey legs wobbled over to me and kissed me passionately, whispering softly in my ear "It came off, he came twice inside me".

I didn't feel shock as such with a stranger cumming inside my wife, instead I kissed her and held her close to me. She fumbled around with my trousers and I could feel the zip coming down, then with a few tugs and shuffles they were off and she was already straddling me on the chair, eagerly wriggling onto my cock and swallowing it inside her extremely wet and cum-laden pussy.

We fucked hard and fast, her sliding up and down my cock as we kissed and held one another while Iain watched on. Passion erupted once more and she bucked on top of me while I shot my own load deep inside, too excited to hold back as it mixed with Iain's while my hands grasped her lower back and sucked on her nipple. She groaned louder as I felt her lower lips grasp tight, wanting more as if on command her new friend appeared alongside and offered his cock to her.

She reached out and grasped him and swallowed, slowly riding and milking me while sucking hard on his cock until she came one last time, hard hitting and causing her to breathe fast and loud. She collapsed into my arms and panted, I held her close and stroked her hair as she slowly drifted into sleep, all the while Iain tidied himself as well as the sofa before getting more drinks.

He grinned at me as I held her cradled in my arms, her chest rising and lowering with her curled up against me, my cock still pressing against her, then after some time she awoke, smiled and asked if she could shower, Iain showed her to the bathroom and supplied towels before letting her wash up.

She came back downstairs dressed and still physically tired as she sat beside Iain, sipped some hot tea before curling into his side as we chatted the rest of the night. Iain was now fully dressed as well and had a huge smirk on his face, as did I.