Written by bethysu

25 Jan 2005

Whoever said travelling by coach was boring, yesterday i was returning home from visiting friends in the midlands and that trip was far from boring.

As i waited to board i noticed the man, he must have been 10 yrs younger than my 45 yrs at least, tall, long dark hair and sort of hippyish looking, as i found a seat near the back of the coach and got settled i watched him come down the aisle of the bus and settle into a seat one row in front on the opposite side. we were soon on our way and i spent some time just watching the scenery but more glancing at him across the aisle.

we stopped at the services and i left the coach to go to the loo's and get a coffee, regaining my seat i was pleasently surprised to see he had moved to the seat directly opposite me across the aisle, as i got settled i looked across and smiled and got a lovely smile in return.

He was quite tall and sat across the seats with his knee up on the aisle seat so facing me almost, i found my glance returning more and more to him, he really was my type of bloke, i started having the most erotic thoughts about his body beneath his clothes.......it was shocking to realize that for what seemed like ages i had in fact been looking at his crutch as he sat with long legs parted, i felt myself blush and quickly glanced up at his face to find a totally bemused look and a very self satisfied grin cross his face, i held my nerve and his look and felt myself becoming quite brazen so i slowly slipped my tongue along my bottom lip as i looked at him, his response was another smile and a slight shift in his position so he was now facing me totally.

I slipped off my jacket, i was wearing a long indian cotton skirt and peasant blouse, quite thin material and laced at the neck, turning more towards him i slowly put my hand into my blouse to adjust my bra strap, but letting my fingers graze over my breast, he watched me steadily, i repeated the gesture with the other hand, this time taking longer to softly fondle my breast and in doing so loosen the laces at the neck of my blouse exposing quite a lot of my breast as i removed my hand, my nipples were now hard and easily visible thru the thin blouse, his eyes were glued to my breasts and i saw his hand make a quick adjustment to his crutch area....mmm he was getting uncomfy there was here?.....this spurred me on even more and leaning my head back on my seat i slowly caressed my nipple thru my blouse, we quickly averted our gazes as someone from the front of the coach came down to the loo which was at the back of the bus but as soon as she had gone back i looked across and he was watching me, this time i was more daring and slipped my hand into my blouse, pushed my bra cups down and my large breasts with erect tingling nipples were easily available for his eyes......he was now so turned on that his full erection was pushing against the thin material of his trousers and he touched his cock a few times as i looked longingly across, i turned with my back against the coach window, facing him fully and put one leg up onto the seat, slowly raising my long skirt until it was just above my knees and the crutch of my panties must have been easy to see, i let my hand slowly move to my damp crutch and with two fingers rubbed softly thru my panties, i was so aroused now and he was staring at my hand moving....with my other hand i pulled my panties aside, and there i was on a coach, exposing my wet open cunt to this stranger with a hard-on and oooohhh it felt so good...as i played with two fingers, rubbing my clit and dipping my fingers into my by now dripping cunt he was nearly drooling, i held his gaze and then dropped my gaze to his cock.....he must have read my mind cos he quickly unzipped and exposed his cock......mmmm nice, big and long and cut, i could see he was glistening with pre-cum, and he slowly wanked as i finger fucked myself.....suddenly i felt my climax building and i was going at it now rubbing my clit and finger fucking myself deep and hard and i exploded into orgasm.....i gasped so loud that i had to cover it with a coughing fit so people further up the coach didn't realize what was going on........this was all too much for him, his hand was now wanking his cock hard......suddenly i saw his face change and he must have realized his predicament...he was about to shoot his load all over himself, but it was obvious he couldn't stop now tho i saw him squezing his knob end as if to stop his spunk escaping.......without thinking i crossed the aisle and before i knew it really i had that lovely cock full of spunk in my mouth, i felt his hand grasp my head and he bucked two or three times and then the lovely cock full of warm spunk filled my mouth.......i lapped it up, swallowing it down greedily and licked his cock clean, even cupping his balls in my hand and milking the last few drops.......then i calmly got up and disappeared into the loo......oh my god.......that was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me....and all on a coach for christ sakes.

Leaving the loo i returned to my seat and didn't look over for quite some time, but couldn't resist it.....he was looking over with this huge smile on his face, and i returned the smile........the next time i looked he was sleeping, and was still asleep when i left the coach at my destination......hope he enjoyed his journey as much as i did......roll on my next trip.