Written by Neville

4 Jul 2005

My girlfriend of six months, Rachelle, and I have found we have a few out of the ordinary tastes. She likes to wear tit clamps, and sometimes a clit clamp. She's told me that before we got together, she would do the odd woman when the opportunity presented itself. We've both been into anal stuff; I like to have her finger my ass when she's sucking me off, I enjoy popping in a butt plug every so often, and, just for something different from time to time, she likes me to fuck her in the ass while she uses a dildo or vibrator on her pussy.

Even so, I was a bit surprised when we went to spend an evening with her co-worker, Sadie.

I wasn't surprised when, lightly toasted with a little wine and a couple of numbers, and put in the mood by a porno DVD Sadie popped in on her bedroom TV, we started messing about. We slipped off our clothes as we lay on the bed, did a bit of jerking and fingering each other as we watched the vid, and then got into a little tit-sucking.

But I was surprised when Sadie got up, pulled a strap-on dildo out of her drawer, and said "Who wants to be fucked in the ass first?

"So," said I to Chelle, "you must have told Sadie of our little backdoor games."

"Right," Chelle said, "but there's a little bit of a twist this time."

Sadie lubed up her own strawberry blonde pussy hair, and slipped in the pussy plug on the inside of her strap-on as she cinched the harness. Chelle and I watched, me stroking my dick and Chelle rubbing her clit.

"Ummm, I want it first," Chelle said, rolling over and sticking up her buns. "Slick me up and let me have it."

I watched as Sadie lubed Chelle's asshole and slid in the dong, bringing a noticeable shudder from my adventurous lover. Then I got on my back, easeid under Chelle, pulled her pussy down to my face, and began licking her silken snatch.

Quickly, we worked out a rhythm, Sadie pumping into Chelle's bunghole (and pushing her own dildo deeper into herself), me licking Rachelle's pussy and sucking her clit.

Suddenly, I could feel Chelle clamp her mouth around my cock. The feeling was unbelievable.

It didn't take long; both of these ladies have switches that are already turned to high.

Chelle climaxed first. I could feel her body tense and ripple as she shouted, "Fuck, I'm coming!" and she filled my mouth with a spurt of cunt juice.

That got Sadie off, jamming her dildo up Chelle's ass harder and harder as she gasped, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

That did it for me. I shot a load of jism that made it feel like my balls were going to fall off. I could feel it filling Chelle's mouth as I tasted her own sweet ambrosia, and that made me finish all the harder.

As I lay there, I felt Chelle rise up, saw her turn around, and watched as she and Sadie kissed deeply, my spunk dribbling down both of their chins and onto their still-engorged tits. They licked it off each other's nipples and swallowed.

I had come so hard, I didn't think I'd ever be able to get it up again. But, after we rested a bit, smoked a cigarette, and watched a tad more of the DVD, I was ready when Sadie said, "Your turn for an ass-fucking, big boy. Roll over."

I did as I was told, and felt myself getting hard as she lubed me up and pushed in her artificial dick.

God, it was heaven. I'd enjoyed the anal play I'd had, and I never would want to be with a man, but the sensation, combined with the visual image of seeing Chelle sitting on the sofa wanking herself as she watched, was incredible. Slowly, I felt the pressure build.

I was so busy thinking about myself I was surprised when I heard Sadie say, "Jesus God, I'm coming again, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

She came fast, and my dick was as hard as a rock as she pulled out and said, "Now go fuck Rachelle's ass, big boy!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I got up, went to the sofa, turned Chelle over the arm of it, poured in some lube, rammed in my cock, and started banging away.

Sadie came over, lay down on the sofa, jammed her face into Chelle's patch of fur, and started eating.

Once again, it didn't take long. I knew I was going to come, so I pulled out and fired my load all over Chelle's buttocks, almost staggering backward from the feeling. She moaned, bucked and came hard.

Then we looked at each other, and wordlessly decided what would happen next: It was something we had talked about. We stood Sadie up, got on our knees and pulled off her harness. We wanted to be good guests. I ate her pussy and Chelle licked her asshole until she came in my mouth and collapsed.

We were exhausted. After relaxing with a couple more numbers, we called it a night.

But I think there'll be more nights to come. Maybe next time we'll be allowed in the front door.