Written by Paul Jenkins

19 Mar 2004

I live in the US but frquently get back to England on business. I use these visits well and like to try different things out as after 3 days from home I need to empty my sac into a warm female. They all presume I.m local but i can fuck them then disappear. My favorite scenario re women in petrol stations late at night. . Often theyre working cos theyre bored and skint so I have no qualms about asking then straight out if I can fuck them. I succeed in about 20% of cases. Often theyre in their fiftes and I especially like pulling down a pair iof tights and panties from a musky fanny striaght off a 10 hour shift. One woman, I asked took me into the store room and as very matter of fact - she just pulled her skirt up and bent over cheeks apart babbling on about

her job and where she lived etc as I entered into her, the quelching and fanny farting was tremendous. It lasted two minutes. I told her to suck her old man off as soon as she got home, he wouldnt know what hit him.

Another woman, in charge of a showhouse in leicester let me finger her arse but not her pussy and wanked me of into a teatowel from the show kitchen. I,ve had numerous other skirmishes, the emphasis is on spontaneous, non threatining cheap thrills. Please understand that all I do is ask for 10 minutes of fun, very politely and if i get rejected no problem, the girls who go ahead get a thrill with no comeback and a bit of a giggle.

Any ladies in the midlands recognise this and fancy an encounter? Please e-mail me xxxxxxxxxxx