Written by NS

22 Mar 2006

We have made about five stops before I first noticed her. The carriages were emptying out now and she had stretched her stocking clad legs out. They were long and sleak. I have to shift in my seat to get a better view. Starting at her black shoes, then up those long legs and finally shifting into the seat next to the window to see the rest. I guessed her to be early twenties, slim body, nice boobs covered in a white blouse and black bra, her hair was short and cut in a slight bob. Everynow and then she would smile to herself. I knew she hadn't seen me looking.

It was twelve stops in all to the end of the line, although I hated travelling that far each day, it was trips like this that made it worth while. By the time we had four stops left there was only five people left in our carriage and by the time we had two stops there was only me and the legs. Then it happened, at first I thought it was an explosion, but then I realised something had crashed onto the roof. The driver then made the announcement. "The overhead lines have come down".

I must have been mumbling out loud when she said "Typical isn't it", "Yes" I replied. And that was the start of it. We were instructed to stay in the carriage as help was on the way. Me and the girl, whose name was Maria got chatting, she had been on a works night out and was a bit tipsy. I had sunk a few myself and was feeling randy, course I didn't tell her that. By now she was sitting on the seats opposite me, not directly but to my right. At this stage she sank down in the seat and put her feet on the seat next to me, I have to confess I couldn't take my eyes off those legs. "Oh cheeky" she said, "Sorry but there nice, if you know what I mean". she smiled.

It was at this point she started to tease me, pulling her skirt up slightly, getting higher and higher, was cock was already on the move. Then came the first glimpse of the dark stocking tops, my cock was now rigid, but still she pulled the skirt up and eventually we arrived at the soft white flesh. She gave me a wicked smile and kept pulling the skirt up, I now had full view of her black panties. He ran he fingers over her pussy area, smiling at me all the time. Then her hand went to the top of her panties, she paused before sliding it inside. She slid it down slowly, to be honest it seemed an age, then I noticed her finger go into her pussy. she was stroking her clit for all it was worth, her moaning was a delight.

"I could do that" I said, She smiled, opened her legs wide and ordered me to get on my knees, I obeyed, put my hands on her panties and started to gently pull them down, she resisted at first, then lifted her bum to allow them to slide down, her finger was still working in her pussy. I kissed her hand, fingers and then onto her clit, it was swollen and ready to burst, It didn't take long before she screamed out in pleasure.

I stood and lent of the seat rest, she worked on the buckle of my trousers and got it undone, her hands were quickly in my boxers and she released my cock and engulfed it in her mouth. Her warm lips were a delight on my throbbing cock, it wasn't long before I felt the urge and I told her I was cumming, however rather than pull away she fired my juice over her face and mouth.

I slumped back on the seat, an announcement was made that it would take 30 minutes to resolve the problem. We smiled at each other and within 10 minutes I was erect again and this time inside her, she rode my cock long and hard before we both collapsed again have cum.

By the time our train reached the final desination we had screwed each other three times, but upon departing we both looked the true business professional. I have never seen her on the train again, but would love to.