Written by David

26 Nov 2004

I work for a multi national company and was in London to attend our annual awards dinner at the Cafe Royale.

I first noticed the fantastic looking blonde when we shared a lift.She was dressed in a smart business suit which showed off her curves to perfection.As chance would have it we were both roomed on the same floor,and she threw me a smile as we went our different ways.

The next time I saw her was in reception as I waited for my taxi,this time she was dressed in a stunning evening gown,my eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts.She came over and stood beside me and began to make smalltalk asking if I was going on somewhere exciting as I was in black tie.When I told her,she said "snap",it seemed she worked for the same company in Liverpool and was down for the same event.We agreed to share the taxi and off we went.

While I got us some drinks,Julie went to check the seating plans,when she came back said she had fixed it so that we could sit together as she felt uncomfortable sharing a table with nine other strangers.After we had eaten and received our awards the evening decended into a drinksfest all paid for by the company.Julie asked if I was going back to the hotel,she didn`t want to spend the rest of the evening fighting off drunken advances.I told her I wasn`t a heavy drinker myself so we got our coats,hailed a taxi and left.

Julie suggested that we get out of our gladrags and would meet me in the bar for a nightcap.Half an hour later I was in the bar when she swept in.This time she had on a shortish leather skirt which showed off her nylon clad legs and a tight figure hugging top.The barman thought she was a callgirl and quietly told her she would have to leave.We both laughed out loud and explained she was a guest.We took our drinks and sat in the corner still amusing over his mistake.Julie crossed and uncrossed her legs accidently revealing she was wearing stockings and asked if I thought she looked like a tart,I said she looked perfect.

Last orders were called,and we went arm in arm up to our rooms,Julie pecked me on the cheek said thankyou and goodnight before she staggered off down the corridor.I had just shut my door when I heard a knock it was Julie,it seemed she had accidently left her passkey in her room and was locked out.She asked if she could use my phone to call reception.I left her sat on my bed while I went to the loo.When I returned Julie had passed out half across the bed.Her exposed legs confirmed she was wearing stockings and red suspenders which matched her panties.I gently lifted her legs and swung her onto the bed.Julie moaned softly as I began to stroke her thigh,moving swiftly incase she awoke I moved my hand further up brushing against panties and slit,she sighed and mumbled for more.I couldn`t bring myself to take further advantage of her and tried to wake her.Julie just wriggled and lay there,she was going nowhere so I covered her with a blanket and went around to the other side,slipped on my pyjama bottoms and lay next to her on the bed.

Dawn was just rising when I awoke,Julie must have kicked of the covers in the night because she was now drapped across me,her leg across my groin,her arm across my chest and her head nestled on my shoulder.As I moved she whispered she was horny and want me to fuck her before she went to work,it was obvious she was still asleep and dreaming it was her husband and not me beside her.Her hand moved down and slipped inside my pyjamas as began to rub my semi erect cock.She released my erection and began to gently wank me.It was at this point she must have awoke demanding what the hell was going on.I told her,some of which she rembered but she blushed when I told her what she had said and was doing to me when she came round.

Julie eyed my cock which still poked out from my pyjamas and smiled,she said it was bigger than her husbands and it seemed such a waste not to grab the moment and feel it,reaching out her hand to touch it.My own hand moved to her crotch and rubbed the dampness of her panties.Our lips met and we began to kiss.Julie broke away,pulled off her top,unsnapped her bra revealing her tits,wriggled out of her skirt she stood before me in the remainder of her red underwear.She rejoined me on the bed and we began to make love.

I slowly began to plant kisses on her naked body paying attention to her tits and erect nipples drawing them into my mouth and massaging them with my tongue.Julie moaned and asked if I could use my tongue as good elsewhere on her,I felt her pushing her groin into me so I moved to give her cunt the same treatment.Removing her sopping panties with my teeth I kissed her downy bush parted her lips and began to kiss and tease her clit till it stood to attention.I drew it into my mouth,sucking it,and brushing it with my tongue.Julie scream out that she was about to cum and thrust her hips down forcing my mouth to cover her lips.Clamped to her I moved my tongue in lapping up her juices as they flooded out.

Sated she lay still and I moved up the bed to kiss her,my face glistening with her cum juices.Julie licked her juices from my chin and said she wanted to feel me inside her.Reaching down she took hold of me and guided me to her entrance.With a gentle push I slipped into her feeding my length slowly till she had had all my 8inches deep inside her.We lay like that for a minute or two,using the inner muscles of her cunt she began to squeeze and milk my cock.Julie moaned and moved to clamp her stocking clad legs around my hips and pleaded with me to fuck her hard.Building my movements I began to thrust in and out,each movement met by Julie`s own upward thrust.We fucked for what seemed an age with Julie cumming twice more.I felt my own begin to build in my balls I let her know I was about to cum and she told me not to worry she was on the pill and it was safe for me to do so.Thrusting deep into her I let go,pumping one load after another into Julie as her inner cunt muscles gripped me tight.We hugged and kissed each other while I softened inside her.

Julie took my hand and led me to the bathroom and said she wanted to shower and wanted me to join her.We soaped each other and embraced as the warm water cascaded over us.Julie must have felt my cock stir,she dropped to her knees and gave my hardening cock a good wank before she took me into her mouth and began to orally tease me,she knew which buttons to press.I didn`t last long and shot a warm load against the back of her throat,she swallowed and rejoined me under the shower.I went to thank her but she said the pleasure was all hers.

While we dried and dressed she confessed that she had never been unfaithful before but if it was as good as that she would be up for it again if offered the chance.I reminded her that we needed to get her another key from reception.As we left my room the couple next door were making their way down to breakfast,both winked,smiled and nodded knowingly and we heard them comment "newlyweds".Julie took my hand and said lets not dissapoint them and kissed me.The receptionist smiled and hoped we had had a good night together as she handed over the spare key.

As we walked back to her room,Julie said she felt as if the whole hotel were looking at her and declined my offer to join me for breakfast.At her door she invited me in and said she would order us some room service.Looking at the menu she noticed that the hotel book out time wasn`t till 12 noon.Julie looked at her watch,smiled and began to remove her clothes and added that her bed was still made and she couldn`t think of a better way to rumple the sheets.I couldn`t refuse her invite,placed the do not disturb sign on the door and joined her naked beneath the sheets.We fucked and sucked for about 2 hours before we dressed and went our seperate ways.

I had just finished settling my bill when Julie appeared dressed as I had first seen her,in her sexy business suit.As we waited for our taxis she jotted down her works and mobile numbers and asked me to call her if I was ever in Liverpool,she was keen to "cheat" again,perhaps next time she would even roleplay a visiting prostiute at my hotel.

Returning to work the next day I pressured my boss to arrange for me to exchange visit our Liverpool offices.A memo later that week confirmed all had been agreed so I called Julie and told her the good news,she said she was wetting her panties in anticipation.

If everything goes to plan I will tell you what happens.