Written by horny45

27 Sep 2006

This is a story that has to be told. About two weeks ago it was my turn to host the close neighbourhood barbecue,as I enjoy cooking and entertaining it was not a chore.

On the saturday morning I was in town picking up food and all the other last minute things you need ,and happened to bump into the daughter of of a neighbour that had moved away a few years before.She always was easy on the eye but now as a young lady of 22 she could only be described as stunning.She had a figure to die for and a personality to match.We chatted and I said in the unlikely event that she was free that evening why did she not drop into the barby, the answer to my amazement was an immediate yes,and that it would be nice to catch up with everybody.I thought well at least there will be another stunner there and did not think much more of it.I spent the rest of the day getting everthing ready and all the drinks sorted and as arranged people started arriving at about six and it all stated to go well all the ladies were looking very sexy and a good time was being had by all.

I was in the kitchen when Darcy arrived and she was let in by one of the other guests who chatted to her for a few moments before she arrived in the kitchen, I was cutting some French bread and to be honest nearly cut my fingers of she looked stunning in a full length classic jacket and a short fold over skirt, a silk shirt that moulded around her fantastic tits,she was also obviously wearing a very thin bra because her nipples were clearly visible in outline.I felt my cock actualy tingle and thought what lucky sod is fucking that regularly.She came over gave me a kiss and put a bottle of champagne in the fridge saying if it was not drunk she and I would have to finish it by ourselves later. I actualy started to get a hard on at that point,but still thinking dont be daft you are just dreaming.We chatted and she then took a glass of wine outside to talk to the other guests,as she walked out I was concious that I had a good semi hard on.As the evening progressed I noticed that Darcy was always close and she started to help get the food served and pour the wine and drinks it was almost as though she had slipped into the co host mode I was not complaining as having her floating about close was a delight,despite the effect she was having on my cock.when it was dark I had to go the rear cellar to get some more chilled wine as I walked into the deep shadow I noticed that Darcy was beside me asking if I neede any help ,I smiled and said that would be lovely. I was then suddenly aware of her standing right in front of me very close and her hand was on the back of my neck and then her tongue was in my mouth as she french kissed and rubbed herself against me.She held herself close and whispered about wanting to fuck me later,I could not help my answer was to slip my hand up between her legs,feeling silky smooth thigh above sheer stockings,my hand went further and was carressing her mound ,through very thin clingy panties that were soaking wet,I could feel thick tufts of pubic hair spilling around the gusset of her panties,she pushed against me and my fingers slipped inside to the most delicious feeling cunt ---full lipped swollen and so very wet. Her hand was squeezing my rock hard cock through my slacks.She was obviously gagging to fuck as much as me,we slipped into the cellar through the side door and pulled it closed.In almost total darkness exept for some light coming through a vent Darcy turned round swept her long jacket to one side and bent over ,I slipped my hand up the back of her skirt and pulled her panties down at the back to the top of her thighs .I unzipped and my cock sprang out of my slacks as they fell to my knees,I rubbed my cock down between the crack of her bottom and then felt the silky wet pubic hair and her swollen wet lips part as my cock slipped into her tight wet cunt .There was no finesse it was a raw hard fuck ,that we both wanted ,and that had to be done hard,and fast.I felt her body start to shake as she quickly came I felt her cunt flood as she sqirted on climaxing and I then came and let go a flood of spunk deep inside as I held her back onto my thrusting cock . She was shaking quite a bit as I pulled back and pulled her panties up,she whispered that we had better get back and that I was going have to lick her stupid later and fuck her sensless.She stood back smothed her self down and slipped out of the door I did a bit of a clean up on myself and collected the wine and still shaking quite bit went back out to the party,Darcy was standing chatting perfectly poised as though nothing had happened we just looked at each other and there was just little flash of lust and then she carried on talking.That ability to one minute be the ultimate slut and the next the coolest babe on the planet was one that I have learnt to respect and adore there arent many women who can pull that one off.

Darcy carried on helping me for the rest of the evening and still was always close by ,little signs from her told me how horny she was going to be when every body had gone.I shall tell you about that soon.