Written by Old Bill

11 Jan 2005

What follows is 100% true. About 5 years ago i was working as a Policeman in a fairly busy town. The night in question was a Thursday and busier than most. At about 1am I had to sort out a row between ex husband and wife, where the wife was keeping the neighbourhood awake.All my powers of persuasion failed and I ended up nicking her. She was very wound up but by the time we got back to the station she was now feeling a bit stupid and promised to go home quietly. As I sat waiting to see my boss to get her locked up I noticed for the first time that although she was a big woman, she had lovely eyes and a fantastic pair of breasts.she must have caught me looking because she then became very flirty and I'm sure that when I wasn't looking she had undone a button or 2 to give me an even better view. Not wishing to ruin her night or create any more work for me, I convinced my boss to let her go with a warning. He agreed and told me to drive her home. My colleague who was with me earlier was now busy so I had to go alone (normally a big no no with women).

As we neared her flat whe really got suggestive telling me how the guys at work challenged her to 'get her tits out' so she did and gave them all a good suck.I could feel excitement rising inside me, knowing that when we got to her flat I might get the same offer.

As we stopped she leant over and asked me to kiss her for being such as sweety. I initially refused but then looked around and thought 'what the hell'. I'm glad I did coz she was clearly up for more and invited me in. I wasn't sure about this and suggested a secluded trading estate nearby instead. She agreed and within a minute we were there.

Nothing more needed to be said. As soon as the car was stopped she was all over me. Her hands slid straight to my cock which reacted immediately. Yet again her tongue was digging deep into my mouth as I also worked my hands round her body. Alternating between her fabulous breasts and her moist pussy.

It wasn't long before we both wanted more. We got out of the car and she dropped to her knees without hesitation, taking my cock which was now fully erect, in her mouth and sucking, licking and nibbling as I moaned with pleasure. Without warning I shot all I had into her mouth. I started to apologise, not thinking that she would want a stranger shooting his load in her mouth but she just stood up, licked her lips and said "You better have more of that stuff, I wanna be fucked." By now I was convinved that it was definately my lucky night and led her to the bonnet where she slid her knockers off, laid back and pulled her skirt up. I started by sliding my tongue into her pussy, wanting to taste the juices for myself, and wind her up a little bit, but she knew what she wanted and pushed my head out and said "Now fuck me copper." I did! No frills or finesse just a good hard fuck. As I could feel the cum rising, I slipped out and shot it all over her fantastic breats which had been bouncing around throughout.

The timing was great, just as we had finished making ourselves presentable I was called back to the station.

Needless to say a week later we met again, this time at her flat. You can read about that some time soon.

So next time you have a Police man call at your door, for what ever reason, if you fancy some action try your luck - chances are, he won't say no!