Written by Wendy

31 May 2004


It pays to write stories ,

On Saturday afternoon I went to Hayle toilets again.

I thought the car park looked busier than usual.

I entered the toilets and one cubical was free. I had not been in there more than a minute when a note came over asking what i liked.

I told him i was a cross dresser and he replied asking was i the man who had sent the story to swinging heaven.

I told him i was and he invited me to go to his house.

I was very willing to go and e were soon on our way in his car, He asked in to open my jeans and give him a glance of my undies. When he saw my thong and stocking tops he nearly left the road.

We soon arived at his house and he said he had a supprise for me. In walked his male lover.

I thought my god , are my wildest dreams about to come true.

I was stripped down to my undies and they went to work on me.It was all happening so quickly.I felt bands being fitted to my wrists and ankles.

Next i was stood up and taken to a doorway. Once there i was hooked up so i was standing spread eagle in the doorway.

One knelt down and started to suck my cock after pulling my thong to one side.

The other man went behind me and started to finger my arse

and rim me.

I was in heaven and loving every minute.

I could feel cold lube being poured on my arse and the next minute the feeling of a rock hard cock entering me.

Wonderful i thought but there was more to come

The other man released my hands and bent me over. He forced his 7ins. right down my throught.

I was being spit roasted for the first time and cannot describe the wonderful feeling.

All to soon they both came and filled in at both ends .

They want to meet me again and i said yes if they can do more kinky and outragous things to me. I have told them there is no limit so i'm looking forward to our next date