Written by Graham and Corrine

6 Jan 2005

As you may remember Corrine had left to join her husband in Paris for the Christmas Holidays and would be away for 2 weeks.

I had justtaken my wife to the airport to visit her mother in UK when my mobile rang.It was Corrine and could I pick her up at the station in half an hour.

Her train arrived and she got in the car and told me she had decided to comeback early as there was little to do in Paris except hang around the flat all day.

I told her taht Iwas alone for a week and was really glad to see her. we got to her house and I took her bags in to the hall and she grabbed me and started snogging Ibegan to run my hands over her tits but she stopped me.'Shag me now I haven't had it since I left you on Christmas eve. He wouldn't do it with his mother in the next room.' I pulled her saoking string down and went to lick her running pussy but she said 'No! Just shag me . I want you inside me.'So I laid her on the floor and pushed my stiff cock inside and began to slowly give her my length.'No!' she cried ' Fuck me hard I don't want to to wait.' Well within minutes of seriously bruising banging I shot my load up her sodden twat.She came at the same moment and we lay on the cold hall tiles getting our breath back.

'That was fantastic' she said ' I ve been wanting that since Igot on the train. I nearly got caught frigging myself by the ticket man on the train.Lets have a bottle of wine , a shower and then we can fuck all night.'

So we did and I have a week of her body so I'll let you now more as soon as I can.Off for another round. Bye.