Written by Graham and Corrine

27 Dec 2004

AS\you may remember I am living in France and have been having a rlationship with my sexy french neighbour. Well, it was christmas eve and we had arranged to spend the day together as we would not be able to meet for the next fortnight due to the holidays.

At 10 o'clock she arrived as we had arranged and went straiht at it in fornt of the roaring log fire. Her fanny was so wet I thought she had been frigging herself before she came Iwas later proved to be wrong. She was so hot she did not want any foreplay. She just lay me on myback on the rug and removed my trousers. She straddled my errect cock and rode me as if I was a western horse and there wwas a whole load of bloodthirsty indians after her. Icame and came. My balls hurt with the effort.

After this she got off me and said she would soon be back as she had forgoten my present.

Ten minutes later she returned with a bootle of champers which she aske me to open. Just the the doobell rang. Corrine said 'I'll go.'

She came into the room with the most drop dead gorgeous blonde with 1cleavage all the way to her socks. Iwas introduced and discovered that this was Corrine's sister in law Marie-Claude. We had a glass of champers and I was told to sit on the settee. Both girls stripped slowly my cock had begun to push its way out of my zip. They then began to feel and suck each other aand I slowly began to wank.

AftGraer five or so minutes I was ready tocome and Isaid so.

Iwent over to them where they were writhing on the carpet and shot my load allover them itwas great.

Afterwards we had another glass of champagne and went up stairs and screwd eachother silly. you name it we tried it.

My cock has never worked so hard. Ihope my wife doesn't want sex tonight because I don't think it has anymore left.

Thanks Corrine for a wonderfulChristmas Present.I think it was the best Ive had.