Written by Jimmy[new man]

11 Feb 2009

He completely surprised me with his conversation,one minute he,s talking about sex with other men next thing he says is,I,ve got to go, been away for a few days the wife will be gagging for a good fucking tonight,do you want me to bring you off again before I go even as he said it he took my hard cock in his hand and started wanking me,I sounded almost as casual as him,no its OK I said I,ll do myself later.Cheers he said as he let go of my cock and I watched him dress tucking his still erect cock into his smalls.I,m around this way about every two weeks,hope we meet again he said as he left.

I must admit I just sat on the sofa playing with my cock trying to take in what had just happened.I got a new lease of life my cock felt alive again,I went and looked at myself in the mirror,not too fucking bad.I got on the internet and ordered new underwear,"briefs"I liked the look of his, really small and neat.I did,nt go back in the woods for a week or so,there was,nt a lot happening anyway,I saw a few chaps wank each other off,I had a wank watching them.

Its about 2 in the afternoon I,m layed on the sofa having a kip,theres a knock on the door,I,m just wearing my new"briefs".Fuck it I,m fucking annoyed,I went to the door half asleep.He just stood there looked me up and down and smiled,like the wife you,re ready for me,he was a cheeky bastard,but I was glad to see him again.He reached and grabbed my cock through my briefs,thats fucking nice he said squeesing my cock tightly as he closed the door behind him.He let go of my cock,as he followed me into the living room his hand felt all over my arse,I was already getting an erection.

He put his arms around me from behind grabbing my now erect cock,I could feel his hard cock press hard against my arse.He let go and was out of his clothes in seconds,his cock looked fucking enormous.Onto his knees he pushed my briefs off,I was rock hard,his mouth went straight onto it moving up and down,I fucking loved it,one hand again squeesing my balls the other gripping my arse.He stood up,suck me he said,I grabbed his hot cock and pushed it in my mouth,it tasted fucking wonderful, again he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth.I,m not coming off yet he said,I just need a good sucking.

That was up my wifes cunt last night I bet you can still taste her he said as he continued to fuck me.Right then I could,nt give a fuck where he had it.Easy tiger he said as he pulled it out,you nearly sucked the fucker off then.Been having fun in the woods I suppose,he said laughing,nothing happening I replied.Fancy coming in with me now both of us naked,he asked.This chap was fucking mad,he was wanking my cock,come on he said through your garden,he was almost leading me by my cock.Even though its completely isolated I was scared as we headed down my garden bollock naked our cocks rock hard.Climbing a fence bollock naked is not reccommended but with a little care we managed.He guided me in a bit,pushed my back to a tree and started sucking on my cock.It was fucking brilliant.

He came off my cock and pressed himself against me rubbing our cocks hard together,a pity theres nobody watching us he said,I love being watched.I,ll suck you off first this time he said are you ready to come,I fucking am I replied.My cock was back in his mouth,I was ready to fucking fill it,his teeth hurt my cock as I fucked him hard,then I was coming like fuck,I let him suck me dry.He pushed my head straight onto his cock it seemed to get bigger every time,he came almost immediately,I did,nt know how much he,d left in his wifes cunt but he filled my mouth to overflowing,I think I swallowed every drop.We made our way back to my cottage,just one mishap a bramble scratch on my balls.I fucking loved that he said,I,ll be back for a lot more,you need some antiseptic on them balls.We had a wash,happy wanking he smiled as he left.