Written by Peter_B

22 Nov 2004

Like many people who place adverts they get many fake replies and you probably have to delete them so it was nice to get a real reply from a couple who lived near me in Southend and said they could drive to me if I wanted a meet.I asked for some pictures and although I had said I wasn't into any male on male action they stil sent one of John standing in the bathroom naked which did nothing for me but the ones of Anne had my cock rock hard but I decided not to have a wank as I wanted Anne to have any come that day and as she admitted to being a sperm addict I didn't want to deprieve her of her meal.Anne was 29 tanned skin long legslarge busted and a bald pussy,John was 43 bald and very short.We spoke on the phone to agree do's and dont's so as not to have any stop starts halfway through.I had a long soak in the bath and was my cock was stood to attention thinking of Anne using it and once dried I got dressed and it was about 2.30 when the doorbell went and I opened it and greeted Anne with kiss and cuddle and felt her large chest against me and shook Johns hand and ushered them in.John sat down on one of the single chairs and Anne sat on the sofa and I joined her and I noticed John had bought a camera with him and asked if it was ok to take some pictures and I told him no problem.Anne moved closer to me and kissed me full on the lips and She had her tongue inside my mouth and I ran my hands over her tits and massaged them slowly at first then a bit harder and she moved her legs apart which raied her skirt and I moved down between her legs and rubbed the front of her panties which were quite damp and John said she had played with her pussy a bit on the way so I pulled them aside and saw her glistening slit and ran a finger over the entrance and slid it in and felt it moisten so I removed it and licked it.I stood up and told Anne to undo my jeans and she undid the belt looking at John and she soon yanked down my boxers to reveal my hard cock and licked the helmet of the precum that had formed and then took it into her mouth and rubbed her pussy with a free hand and I carried on fucking her mouth as I flopped her tits out and pulled on the big dark nipples and she took my cock right in and played with my hanging balls as John carried on watching clicking his camera.I removed my cock and stood Anne up and stripped her naked and bent her over the soaf arm and rubbed my cock agaisnt her slit and slipped it in and was soon pounding her and her tits bounced around as John removed his tousers and stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked him hard and he lasted a little while befores spurting then went back to taking pics as I pulled her closer and felt the urge to shoot and asked her where she wanted it so Anne looked John in the eyes and he told her it was her choice so she told me to just acrry on fucking her and I did just that until my bum cheeks tightened and I shot my load deep inside her and carried on pumping until my balls emptied.On removing my cock John went staright between Annes legs and parted them wide and started to lick my seed out of his wife so I got the camera and clicked away.I was soon hard again so I told John I wanted to be alone with Anne and took her upstairs to the bedroom and I lay on the bed and had Anne lay beside me and I asked her if she fancied being fucked up the arse and she just smiled so my fingers went to her bum and started to loosen her up and with a bit of spit loosened her up to start sticking my prick inside and she soon relaxed and went with the flow and I played with her tits as I was fucking her and she was moaning loudly I thought John would come and watch and she moved so she was on all fours and my cock slid back inside her arse and I slaped it sevral times and it went a bright red which she liked and again I shot my second load into her and we collapsed in a a heap and she said they had to go but she would ring me later in the week to arrange a met without John.As I type this I am looking forward to getting her to myself and pleased that there are real people around on this site.