Written by john for couples

17 Sep 2004

I have looked on here for a while.I saw a couple advertising on here and decided to contact them. One thing led to another and very quickly, we were back at my house. I live alone. We had a few drinks and the girl said she would like to be spit roasted, as she had never done it before and had read about it.

I put a bluey on and the girl knelt down in front of her fella and took his cock out. She started to suck it and after a few minutes, I took part. She had a short skirt on and I pushed it up. She had no knickers on. She had a shaved cunt and I lay on my back and started to lick, bite and suck. She came within minutes as did her fella.

I then asked her to suck me, which she did. We all got on the floor and her fella entered her from behind. He was still hard and gave it to her really roughly. I had my cock in her mouth as he fucked her very very hard.He came again and I did too, she swallowed it all.

We sat on the sofa and had another glass of wine and watched the film. After about ten minutes, I suggested something and we did it. I sat on the sofa, the girl lowered herself onto my cock up her arse very slowly. I then held her back in a half nelson arm lock,pumping as best I could. Her fella went down on her at first. She started to cum really quickly. He then put his cock into her and started to fuck her slowly, not like the last time. Very soon we got our moves together and we were thrusting together at the same time. She was screaming with exctasy at this and started to cum time and time again. I could feel her juice dripping on my bollacks and her moans never ceased. I kept her held down and when her fella had finished, I slipped my cock out, got on top of her and rammed in in her mouth. She gagged it down as I came buckets. While I was doing this, her fella was sucking her and she came again.

We then sat down and watched the film again. We were all breathless. I looked at her fanny and it was really engorged. I got down on my knees and started to suck her again. When I did this, I saw her fella kneel astride her and ram his cock into her mouth. He then withdrew and she tighted the hold on my head. I felt him starting to play with my arse. What I found out later was that he had put KY jelly there. I suddenly felt a horrible pain as he entered me. I had never done that before. Once he was in, it was okay and he pumped away at me. I kept licking for all I was worth and eventually she came again. He eventually pulled out, pushed me to one side and fucked his girl in a very rough manner. She loved it and was screaming'Fuck me you bastards'. When it had finished, we sat down finished our wine and they left to relieve their babysitter. I have never had a night like that before or since.