Written by Jack

12 Apr 2005

I have already described how, one Saturday, our next door neighbour Ted and I masturbated each other while wearing each others' wives used knickers and how Ted said that he would love to see my wife Vera in stockings and suspenders.

That evening I told my wife that Ted had said that she had great legs but that she spoilt them by wearing tights and how he would love to see her in stockings. She seemed really pleased that Ted had so admired her her legs and it was obvious that in spite of the big age difference she had a bit of a thing about him and was very flattered by his interest. She said, "What do you think?" I said, "I think its a great idea. I too would love to see you in stockings just like Ted's wife Ann." She said, "Yes. I have noticed you looking up Ann's skirts. She does display quite a lot." I laughed, "You are a fine one to talk I have see you sitting with your knees spread and I'm sure that Ted has seen your knickers." She just laughed and we dropped the subject.

The following Saturday afternoon after Ted and I had mutually masturbated each other in our wives' knickers I told him what I had said to Vera and he said that he thought my suggestion had born fruit because Ann had told him that Vera mentioned to her that she wanted to buy stockings and suspenders and asked Ann where she bought hers.

When Vera got back from shopping she seemed a bit excited and said that we were going to the local pub with Ted and Ann that evening.

The evening in the pub passed off quite pleasantly but I could sense an air of suppressed excitement and at closing time Ted suggested that we go back to their house for a nightcap.

When we got back instead of a nightcap Ted opened a bottle of dry white wine and we all settled down with out drinks. They had two large leather sofas opposite each other. Ted and Ann sat in one and Vera and I in the other. As soon as we settled Ann's dress had ridden up and I could see the tops of her tan nylons, suspenders and bare thighs which immediately gave me a hard-on. I glanced side ways at Vera and I could see that her dress too had had ridden up and that Ted was looking right up skirt. After another drink both the womens' dresses were really high and as well as seeing Ann's black silk knickers I was delighted to see that Vera was wearing dark nylon stockings and pale pink, almost transparent, nylon knickers. From where Ted was sitting he must have been able to see her cunt lips through the thin nylon and I could see by the swelling in his slacks that he had a real hard-on.

Ted poured us all more drinks and boldly said, "Why don't we all get comfortable on this sofa?" Vera giggled, "It would be a bit of a squeeze with the four of us." Ted smiled, "Well no. Not if you sat on my lap and Ann sat on Jack's." Before Vera could say anything else I quickly rose and moved over to the other sofa saying, "What an excellent idea." Ann got up and when I sat down she quickly got on my lap. Vera sort of shrugged her shoulders and said, "What the hell." and came over and got on Ted's lap. As soon as she sat down Ted started kissing her and I did the same to Ann. In no time we both had the two women stripped to the waist with their bras' off kissing their tits and sucking their swollen nipples. From there we progressed to getting their dresses right off so that they were sitting on our laps in just their knickers stockings and suspenders. We continued to kiss and caress them feeling their cunts through their wet knickers. One of the most exciting things was that we could both watch our wives being kissed and caressed by another man. After a little while we made both women stand up and we pulled their knickers and right off. Then we arranged them side by side on the sofa and Ted and I got completely undressed and kneeling between their legs kissed and sucked their cunts and clits. To my delight Ann had a really big clit standing out hard and red and she really got worked up as I sucked it. At the same time I could see that Vrra's clit too was standing out. Eventually we moved up and pushed our cocks against their wet cunts. My cock slid easily into Ann and was soon buried right inside her. Ted was having much more difficulty getting his cock into Vera because as I previously said his cock is much thicker than mine. Eventually with a hard push he got his knob into her and began to ease out and in and slowly got further and further up her cunt which I could see was stretched wide round his thick cock. All the time I was watching him I was slowly fucking Ann thoroughly enjoying the feel of her cunt. round my cock. As Ted got his cock further into Vera she was making little moaning sounds and murmuring< "You are so big. Oh my God you are filling me completely." Then as he got right up her and started to really fuck her she just moaned, "Yes! Oh yes!"over and over. By now I was really into fucking Ann and ramming hard into her. She was clinging to me and panting and moaning, "Oh yes. Fuck me Jack. Fuck me harder." Then as I thrust even harder she cried, "Oh Christ! I'm cumming. I'm cumming." And as she subsided my own cum spurted into her. We just lay and watched Ted soundly fucking Vera until she too was screaming that she was cumming and Ted deposited his load right up her cunt.

After we had cooled down we all agreed that it had been a great experience and one that we frequently repeat. Ted now regularly fucks Vera and has even introduced her to arse fucking which has particularly pleased me because I too can now fuck her arse just like I do with Ann and special occasions both women now get double fucked.