Written by ian

17 Jun 2006

my name is ian, during the 1990's i was self employed with a small workshop in derby. john and jil were married he was a toyboy 12 years younger than jil and her being 36 and in her prime, i was 25. john came to the workshop one evening to prepare his car for a respray, jil was looking bored so got some cash from hubby and dragged me to the pub how could i say no, we had a few and made small talk whilst setting the world to rights, we walked unsteadily back towards the garage, jil stopped me and sank to her knees took my cock out and sucked for england she especialy liked to nibble whilst sucking which i also adore because of the pleasure and pain involved, she sensed i was about to shoot so stopped turned round lowered her cutt off jeans and rammed my cock in her tight eager hole i pumped for a short while then shot my load deep inside her, she kissed me deeply then zipped both of us back up. we walked back to john very happy and content jil gave me her address and we became lovers for a few years. all the while this was happening she told him every juicy detail i used to see to her twice aweek while he worked nights, i myself was unaware she had told him until we had our first threesome four years later. i stil think of jil fondly.