Written by Swingersacrossthepond

3 Nov 2017

I wrote a few stories on here already. Mostly because it lets you post a story without signing in, and to me keeping anonymous is very important. To explain how I changed my mind about creampies I would have to go back quite aways. Back in the early 80's I attended a college for 2 years before going into the Military. I attended at a University extension campus in my home town so I was still living at home. In high school me and a friend of mine had become legends with the ladies. Wayne had a cock that was a true 10 incher that all the girls knew about . I used him as a chick magnet. But then he used me to actually "pick up" the chicks. My cock is only 8 inches but probably bigger by volume because his cock was skinny by comparison. After high school Wayne started working at a factory. He barely had good enough grades to graduate high school. I was a lazy student but at math and science I excelled.

Several girls that I previously had sex with were also attending at the same campus. Most of them wanted to date me but I wanted to continue "sowing my wild oats". I found out one of the instructors and his wife were swingers.

They would invite select students (both male and female) to parties at their house. This was before the time of the current teacher-student relationship hysteria. Any woman over 18 was fair game even for a teacher. And a woman teacher having sex with students was not shared by cell phones as it is today. Social media bragging and getting money through litigation and settlements has changed things so much. The drinking age in the State I lived in was also 18 at the time.

I attended a few of these parties and there was usually between 10 to 30 people at each party. The wife of the instructor really seemed to take a liking to me. She was 29 at the time and a brunette and a nymphomaniac. I will call her Tammy.

She invited me to come over each Tuesday and Thursday when I only had half day classes and her husband was still teaching. For some reason I really liked the idea of fucking another man's wife. I still do. She let me fuck her bareback also.

After a few visits that were really fun I came over on a Tuesday and she had company when I came to visit.

It was an older married woman about 40. I ended up fucking them both. Before I left Tammy gave me 80 dollars.

I asked what it was for and she said "that is your cut". I found it somewhat amusing until I came over on Thursday and found she had invited 2 different older women. So I started working as a male escort. The teacher and his wife eventually set me up to stay in a guest room several nights a week. They did not charge me rent or take a cut of the money I was earning with the older woman. Instead they liked to watch me fuck these women on a CCTV hidden camera while they had sex in their room.

But then came the strange part. On the days that there was no women or party people over, the instructor would ivite me to their room and he would get into a 69 with his wife and then watch me fuck her doggy style while he had a close up view from underneath. At the time I was thinking that this guy was really screwed up in the head. This was my first experience with this type of behavior.

She would be sucking his little dick and he would usually come as soon as he saw that I was coming inside her. When I pulled out my sperm would drip out of her pussy onto his face. I would usually make an exit to give them time alone. Eventually I made slower exits and saw that she would "snowball" his cum back into his mouth and sit on his face to make him clean her pussy. For a long while I was somewhat disgusted by this. I started keeping track of this instructor at the parties and found that he didn't even fuck the other women. He like to watch them fucking and to watch his wife with others. He was not bisexual either. He was very devoted to his wife. I guess they came from the "hippie" and "free love" generation and did not ever show any jealousy.

As far as being a male escort I don't even know why I was doing it because I didn't need the money (when I was 14 I had come into a lot of money that was more than enough to get me through college). Thinking back on it I think I just liked the idea of being a "gigalo". The movie with Richard Gear where he played a gigalo had come out around that time. I think these women also saw that movie and wanted to try out a "gigalo".

I still attended the parties at the instructors house about twice a month so I was still sampling a lot of pussy my own age.

The parties started to get smaller and more discreet. (I think some colleges were starting to implement teacher-student fraternization policies around this time). After a while the instructor felt comfortable letting me watch him clean his wife.

There was even a time that we saved up about ten loads of my sperm in a small cup in the freezer. Then they thawed it out and warmed it a little and put the 10 loads into a turkey baster. After I fucked Tammy with him watching from below she layed on her back and he used the turkey baster to inject the other 10 loads. Then he licked her for awhile and then fucked her with all the sperm squishing out around his cock. At the time I thought that I have now just witnessed the raunchiest sex act that I ever will. I was wrong about that but that is another story. This arrangement I had with them lasted for about a year and a half until I joined the military. I guess Ronald Reagan brought out the patriot in me. But it was probably a really dumb decision because I went in as an enlisted when I should have joined an officer training program in college. But it was probably not the dumbest decision because I also married my first wife around this time because she was a "nice" girl and I was trying to become more conservative (like my hero Reagan).

But I think my first wife also caused something to change in my brain because toward the end of the marriage I really wanted to watch her with other men and to act like a slut. I think it had to do with the way she withheld sex to get what she wanted and to continuously punish me for not telling her about all the women I had previously fucked before we were married. I had told her that I fucked so many I could not remember but she took that to mean only a dozen or so. So this last 6 months of my first marriage is when she was getting her revenge but I really started to see the erotic possibilities of watching my own wife with another man and watching her take a load of sperm and then fucking her afterwards.

I now was beginning to understand that instructor and did not think he was so perverted after all.

But my first wife just viewed our activities as my continued punishment instead of getting into equally shared swinging. She wanted to date others and have me stay home. We eventually got divorced (she was the one who asked for the divorce because she thought that one of the guys she was screwing would leave his wife for her).

If you have read some of my other stories you would know my current wife and me have a very open and equal swinging arrangement. Marrying her turned out to be the best decision in my life. As for creampies I still don't see the appeal of "licking a woman clean" but for some reason I actually prefer fucking a "used pussy" and have gotten a lot of "sloppy seconds" from my wife and from other women that are in our swinging group.