Written by susie

1 Apr 2005

I lay on my bed clothed only in my stockings and suspenders. i had a TV porn film on the tele running and the sight of those horny 'girls' sucking those big cocks and then being fucked had made me well horny. my cock was hard as i wanked and i had my favorite dildo humming gently deep in my ass. It was wonderful.

Suddenly i heard some noise and there in the window was a guy who had started to wash my windows but had stopped and was staring at me.

There was not much i could do as i had been caught red handed. His head suddenly disappeared.

A few seconds later my doorbell rang. Damn, what do i do. I had already slipped the dildo from my ass, so i put on a dressing gown and went down.

I opened the door and there stood two guys, one had been the one in my window.

We chatted for a minute when one said, could they come in to get some fresh water for their bucket.

I let them in, when one put his arms around me and said, "you are a horny bitch according to my mate, is it true that were fucking yourself up there?"

I nodded. "Wouldn't you rather have a real cock than a bit of plastic?"

I nodded and they took me upstairs.

In the bedroom i took off my dressing gown to reveal myself in my black fishnets, and suspenders.

Soon the two guys, Dave and Pete had undone there trousers pulling out there hard cocks.

Soon i had daves cock in my mouth, sucking its meaty thick hardness. Then Pete wanted his sucked, which i did while kneeling in front of him. Dave moved behind me and i felt his hot hard cock prodding around my bottom. I felt him pull my bottom apart exposing my moist entrance to his gaze. i moaned, my mouth full of hard cock, as he pushed against my male pussy. Having had a large dildo earlier i was already lubbed up so i felt his thick knob stretch me easily as my bottom lips gripped his thickness. slowly i felt myself being stretched as i took more and more of his hot hard length ever deeper into my ass. He rocked gently back and forth until i felt his balls rest against my bottom. I had over 8 inches of hot hard cock pulsating deep inside me - it felt wonderful.

I wanted to be well fucked now, my lust was high i wanted cock and cum.

Dave fucked me for about 15 minutes, his length stroking long deep in and out of me.

His movement in fucking me meant i was pushing down on Pete's cock. i felt him groan and thrust when my mouth was suddenly filled with his hot creamy spunk. I swallowed as more flooded in, and more, it was now dribbling down off my chin as i tasted its hot musky taste.

Dave was getting faster in his strokes. i pushed back against him, telling him to fuck me. i still had Petes hot spunk in my mouth savouring it.

Dave groaned, i felt his cock bulge and then a sudden hot flood as his cock erupted deep in my ass. He emptied his balls and lay over my back gasping. His cock had shrunk when he pulled it out. i then felt hot wet spunk dribbling from my ass down my thighs and over my stocking tops. This was always a turn on for me, spunky stocking tops.

The sight of this had made Pete hard again. i lay on my back and lifted my spunky hole at him. lifting my legs up his arms around under my knees completly opening my ass to him his hard cock slid easily into my eager ass. He fucked me long and hard as he had already cum in my mouth. His balls slapping on my sticky ass as he took sloppy seconds on me. Eventually he added his load and i felt his cum erupt into me.

Dave by now had also recovered and wanted to fuck me again. Just a well i was well lubricated otherwise i would have been walking like i had ridden a horse for a week. As it was i enjoyed ridding on all this wonderful cock, and taking three creamy loads in my love tunnel, and one in my mouth.

Needless to say i got my windows cleaned for free, and i set up a regular monthly visit. SO next tuesday i will get my windows done and even better my ass. Mmmmmmm