15 Jan 2019

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I have always had a secret side rarely shared with others: the urge to slip on ladies underwear and masturbate. There was a brief period in my married life when I almost shared the entirety of the desire lurking inside with my wife. It went as far as her suggesting that I might like to wear her panties. Oh my god I so did...and when I said nothing, she actually slipped them, black satin with lace front, over my feet and up to cover my tightening balls and almost over my hard cock...I ejaculated before she had them half way up my shaft.

She misunderstood...and after that she often used her knickers as a glove to stroke my cock in the belief that it was just the feeling of the slinky sexy materials of her underwear that I liked. Much as I did, it was the kinky idea of wearing lingerie that was arousing me.

In answer to your question, yes I have dressed when I had the opportunity. Panties, bra, stockings and suspenders...I have even imagined being on my knees in front of a naked man...being instructed by my wife to take his magnificent hard cock in my hands and lick the shaft...I have tasted my own precum add to the fantasy.

I have yet to try the next perform oral sex on my wife after cumming inside her, I think I’d prefer to taste hot cum and this would be difficult without another man donating.

No, I’m not gay...I do not want to kiss a man...but the idea of being subservient and humiliated for the pleasure of wife and another man is undeniably appealing to me.

Would I consider another man dressed in lingerie? God yes...

Next story in series: Crossing the line - self realisation