Written by Spunklover

13 Jul 2006

When we first met, my g/f and I had spoke of her past lovers and I found it turned me beyond belief as I licked her cunt out, listening about her conquests as I lapped away. Before she met me, she had always had unprotected sex and for the first few months of our sexual relationship, it was based upon me giving her oral. I am a very poor performer in bed and feel I cannot fuck a woman as she likes to be, having been out of a relationship for nearly ten years, without sex, she was too much even for me.

She was very understanding and did not pressure me into intercourse, though I did let her perform oral on me sometimes.

I spent most of my time, ensuring she came as much as she wanted to first, before even contemplating letting her suck my cock.

Once I discovered that I loved licking her cunt, having never been inside her, we spoke of her last lover who was an American in the Air Force, based in the UK, not too far. Anyway, he got in touch with her one day and she told him about me, but he still wanted to see her, he is 10 years her junior and at 20'sh when she first fucked him, she has a very soft spot for him in her heart, even today. She told me that Chris had called and wanted to meet with her and asked me how I felt about it. I was delighted to say the least. He was about 120 miles away from us at the time, so she arranged to meet him at his B&B and I drove her to our hotel and then she met him at his place.

Though I did not go with her to meet him, I was left to my own devices, wondering what she was thinking about me, letting her go with her lover and have full blown, unprotected sex.I was worried that she would think less of me for letting her do this. I was feeling hurt and a little bit rejected as well, after all, this woman had proclaimed her love for me, yet she was willing to have sex with another man. Not just another man, but her ex boyfriend, who she still had feelings for.

The hours passed away and I knew it would soon be time for her to return, if she was to return and not spend the night with him. I also knew I had to be in the hotel, ready to clean her up if she decided not to spend the night with him.

I received a phone call from her, asking me to collect her because they had been drinking, so I went as fast as I could to pick her up and bring her back to our hotel.

As soon as she got into the car I was snogging her, knowing his cock had been in her mouth, and it was wonderful. I felt my cock growing as I snogged her.

We got back to the hotel and we were still snogging up to our room.

Once in the room we sat and had coffee, I was gutted. She then started to tell me what she had done with him and he had done to her. I just wanted to get her in bed and start licking her cunt and tasting him on her. Finally we got into bed and I went down on her.

I love her taste when giving her oral, but this was fantastic and so surreal that I was almost cumming as I licked her. We went on kissing and I performing oral as she just laid back on the bed letting me clean her up, finally I had intercourse with her and made love to the first woman I have truly loved. For her to do what she had done with Chris, meant she believes in me and trust me completely, that even though she had made love with her lover, I was the one she wants to be with.

This was some years ago and though she has done this now with a few guys, though protected sex, we still love each other dearly. We talk about everything and have no secrets. She has said that she doesn't want me going with other women, I made her a promise not to if it meant that she would continue to enjoy having sex with other men.

Only a cuckold couple will understand this, but I would not change our sex life for anything.

These days I get to watch and sometimes I stay in an adjacent room, but when her male friend leaves, wow, I get all the loving I can handle.

If you want to know more about what we have done, please feel free to email me, or if you are a cuckold couple wanting to know more, contact me and I will explain how we did this and survived, not just survived, but found ourselves in love for ever