Written by In charge Hubby

31 Mar 2007

By mutual agreement my wife Deborah has been having a black guy, Chris, come over every now and then for the last few months for sex. Sometimes we had a threesome but most often I watched until Chris had gone and then fucked Deb myself. You know, black on white share the wife stuff. Well last month things changed.

On the odd weekend Deb's parents would have the kids so we could have some free time, which included Chris. Deb is 31, short dark brown hair and thick set, like the girl in the Special K add.

Chris is six foot two and 13 to 14 stone.

Chris began to tell me one night, that I could only fuck Deb when he was there, and only in the way he told me to and I would have to clean her up with my tongue when he was done. I told him he was the guest not the husband. He told me I was the cuckold. Cuckold be damned! After I kicked him in the gut and slammed his head against the wall I put his arm up his back and threw him downstairs. All the time Chris was laying down the law Deb had a big smile on her face. After throwing Chris out and telling him never to bother us again I went upstairs and gave Deb the fuck of a lifetime. I told her she had broken the rules and so I was going to change them.

As I expected, the next night Chris turned up with a mate and tried to get in. Adam and Martin got out of Adam's car and came up behind them. I did not introduce my two friends but when Chris and his mate left they new it was over or they would need a lot of medical attention. Adam, Martin and I then went inside.

I told Deb, "From now on, unless you wish to move out, only myself, Adam or Martin fuck you, and you only fuck these two if I tell you to, even if I am not here, if I tell you to, you fuck them! Now get undressed!"

Deb did as she was told and then had to suck us all hard. We all undressed and then I fucked Deb on her back on the floor, followed by Martin. Adam then had Deb ride him from on top, and I have to say she looked magnificent doing it. Deb came during each fuck.

After Adam had shot his load up Deb we had a short rest as she sucked us all again.

I then had Deb ride Martin while I held her head and fucked her mouth. I pulled out before I came and held Deb by the hair, spraying all over her face and neck. She came as I finished coming, and them Martin shot his second load up her. Adam then had Deb from behind. While he fucked her I told her if she ever fucked without my say so, or did not fuck when I told her to, she is out. She said she fully understood.

Adam started slapping her backside and calling her a good well behaved little wife who just needed reminding who was boss, and then he shot his second load up her too. Deb then had to lick us all clean before Martin and Adam left.

The next Thursday I made sure Deb was going to play by the new rules. I took the kids out for a Burger and told Deb that Martin would be round and she was to fuck him. She said O.K.

Martin arrived and told Deb that he wanted her to suck him, so she did. He then told her to strip and lay on the kitchen table, and she did. Martin licked her out a bit and then fucked her on her back on the table. Deb had two small cums before Martin stopped and told her to stand up. He led her out to the garden and told her to be quiet. Taking the cushions off of the patio chairs he told her to kneel on them. She looked around but no one can see the patio right up by the back door, Martin indicated the cushions and she knelt down. Straight away Martin put his cock back up her and began to fuck her again. Although she whimpered a little in enjoyment, when ever Martin went "Shh" she was quiet, but when they both came she was really straining to keep it quiet as Martin shot up her.

When I got home home and put the kids to bed I had Deb tell me what happened, Martin and I had planned it so I would know if she lied, and Martin told me the next day too. After Deb gave her version I fucked her on the sofa and asked how she likes the new rules. She is happier than with Chris.

Adam has been round and fucked Deb on the sofa and both of them were round last night, all of us fucking Deb on the kitchen table and on the sofa. So far, so good.

Cuckold? Not likely!